Friday, March 11, 2011

When you were little, there was no Elijah

So cute when your kids "get" stuff. Elijah was playing under the dining room table. It was my grandmother's originally and in our living room when I was little. I told Elijah I used to play under that table when I was little. He said "yeah, and when you were little, there was no Elijah." Then he said "and when I was a baby, there was no Levi." I told him he was right and "so smart." He was on a roll. He said "when Noah was a baby, there was no Levi. When Abigail was a baby, there was no Noah. And when you were a baby, there was no Abigail. When Daddy was a baby, there was no Mama." I didn't explain to him that actually, Mama is older than Daddy." I'm sure he thinks since Daddy is bigger than Mama, he must be older. But, he does get it!
Mia has adopted a kitten. A friend from church found an abandoned kitten only a few days old. She was bottle feeding it, but found out we have a mama that just might take it in. And she did immediately. Poor thing had pooped on itself and right away Mia started cleaning it up. Ew I know, but I guess it is just instinct. She has been nursing him too. She pulled one of her kittens out of their big ol box (not an easy task since they aren't tiny anymore and she had quite a wall to jump over) and put it in with the kitten. I suppose to keep it company. I did feel sorry for the little guy being all alone. I *think* she chose the girl too (I have difficulty telling, the only one I am sure is a boy is the black one). But I don't know if she chose that one b/c of being female or for being more serene. Sweet though. She cuddles right up with it and stays in the box.
I think I have all the kittens adopted. Three people are interested. Two of them are interested in 2 kittens and one is interested in the black one. Hopefully with all that interest, they will all be taken. The lady who found the white one will take it back.
I have videos of Mia nursing the adopted kitten but they won't upload.
Well, the black one DOES have a home, she just called. So, I am down to the two striped and if the others just want one, then they are all gone.

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