Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm not a fan of all the brass in this house, but it IS a rental and we DO fit, so I'll not complain :)  I'm grateful.  But, I have not enjoyed this chandelier.  Our tree is overrunning with ornaments.  When David and I first started dating, we bought each other CHEAP ornaments for Christmas.  That started the tradition of doing so every year... only the next year, there was a diamond ring attached to the ornament :)  Our first Christmas, we couldn't afford ornaments for the tree.  I cross stitched one as a gift for him and bought a box of mini ornaments figuring having a lot was better than having big ones.  The tree was pitiful.  We passed the tradition onto our kids, buying them an ornament every year.  I want them to have a box of decent ornaments for their first tree... something with memories attached.  Last year I bought each of them a "USA" themed nutcracker b/c it was the year David entered politics.
But back to the chandelier... due to the abundance of ornaments that comes along with buying them every year for ourselves and 5 children... some get put on the dining room light fixture.  I think it improves this one so much that I just might have to find some clear balls to hang on it year round...
((will change the stuff under it... want to get a white poinsettia))