Saturday, April 23, 2011

I posted this picture and forgot to say what this was... I was getting ready for the tornados. David didn't think we could all fit in the closet. I pulled all this out and said "I believe we can." If all that junk could fit, the 7 of us could too. The kids could all fit sitting on the floor, and David and I could stand over them and shut the door if we had to. We were watching the coverage on TV and waiting to get in. Nothing came. It must have been real high in the sky b/c it apparently went over us but we heard nothing.

Another one came a couple hours later. I was sitting on the stairs waiting to wake up the kids til I HAD to. Weatherman said it was diminishing, so I didn't want to get them up if I didn't have to. I was 3 minutes from waking them when he said it was no longer a threat. Hurray for better weather coverage. Glad we no longer have to depend on sirens that go off if there is a warning anywhere near the county... often too late.

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