Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look Ma, I'm blogging!

So I never make "resolutions"... but I did sorta this year... and that is to blog more. Not just post pics. Gonna try. Things are starting to be more normal around here... though I still have very little "me" time, even if it just means sitting in front of a computer doing this. And that's ok. It is where I am right now.
I went to the doctor last week about my knees. They were *killing* me. the day I finally decided to go, I couldn't walk. I'd picked up Levi, put him down, and then went back to pick him up again and I could not take a step without serious pain. My mom had her knees replaced this summer. I've known arthritis was in my future, but I thought "surely not now?!" Had xrays, bloodwork, all that... doctor said it likely was the beginning of arthritis. He said my x rays didn't look too bad, except the alignment looked odd. He didn't know if it was the way I was standing or something else.
So, went to therapy today. I have my dad's feet (flat) and my mom's knees. Not a good combo (and then there is that 5 kid thing which means I'm stressing everything all the time). It probably flared up over break b/c I was doing more than usual with everyone home. Therapist said my hips were weak, my hamstrings are tight, and my feet are "over-prone." Good news is none of it is awful and therapy will help... and better shoes. I seek out shoes with no arch support b/c arch support feels funny to me. And I'm barefoot when home. Bleh. Really don't like the thought of that ending. I hate shoes. HATE them.


Jill said...

I always glad to see a blog post from you!! I have hip/back problems and I only have one child - heaven help! I don't know how you do it!!

The Davidson Den said...

So sorry about your knees!!!! I had some knee issues several years ago and know that it is NO fun!! Physical therapy HURTS, too. :( I'm especially sorry about the shoe thing. That stinks.