Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh my gosh...

For years I have said I didn't like flouride being added to my water. I know I sounded like a freak to anyone who listened to me, but lookie here... I'm not crazy. I don't like chemicals. I don't like human beings being used as guinea pigs. I don't like chemicals being put in us on a regular basis and we have no say in it. I'm glad my kids primarily drank milk before age 8, and they were breastfed so there was not excess flouride there. Isaac had his fair share of apple juice when he was little that I always dilluted with fridge (filtered) water. Levi drinks water... usually from the fridge. Apparenlty carbon filters do filter out some of it. Will be more dilligent in the use of fridge water!
I also say I don't like the regular use of sunscreen. I feel like we are guinea pigs in that arena too. Sure serious burns are bad... and I'll use sunscreen when burning is the alternative... but I won't use it all the time. I know what "they" say... but I think 50 years from now we'll be reversing what "they" say when it comes to spreading a chemical all over ourselves every day so strong when it is absorbed it prevents skin from sun damage.
I know, I'm crazy.
And I know they are not away from all chemicals. We ingest more than I'd like, but I try to keep out what I can.

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