Sunday, June 7, 2009

Belly Shot etc

I thought I'd finally upload a belly picture. Found some others on the camera that I assume David took. This is Isaac and Elijah with the neighbor boys, Sayid and Shi Shi (not sure how to spell that one.

Shi Shi is one year older than Elijah.

Background story on this one... yes, Isaac still wears pull ups at night. We've tried everything, so we're assuming he inherited David's childhood problem. I went to Kroger today and found Goodnights on the clearance shelf for $4.50. I gobbled up every package. Of course, they were pink. Why would a girl want boxers? Apparently they don't. So... Isaac is wearing pink shorts to bed. He thinks it is funny. We wish he was bothered about the fact that he still wears a diaper at night, but we're very glad he has confidence to not let pink shorts bother him.

And here is my 4.5 months belly shot.

This past weekend we went to Ft Smith again. Spent several hours at the pool on Friday and Saturday. I stayed in the shade as much as I could, but still got burned. I guess I was in the sun more than I realized.
Elijah is not a water baby. He has fun at the pool... throwing things in the water. He's not real interested in getting in though. Too cold for him. He did, however, want to go down the slide. The fact that he would go under when he hit the water didn't stop him from climbing up that ladder. I jumped in the water (didn't want to, it was too cold for me too!) to catch him, but once at the top of the ladder (Abigail was behind him to keep him from falling back) he changed his mind... did that three times.
When the older three were his age, they were all jumping off the diving board. They would do anything. Going under didn't phase them. Maybe he'll be more of a daredevil when the water warms up.


Caroline said...

Congratulations on the new baby!!!!

Your son is going to list the posting of this picture as the reason for his therapy . . .


You look beautiful. Do you know what you are having?

Alex and Jill said...

Cute belly pic!!

I have a niece that has that problem...she actually has to take medicine for it? Something they will outgrow eventually. :)

jensoup said...

C & T both have to wear pull ups to bed. C is doing a lot better lately. The DR. said they wont do anything until he's 10-I'm hoping he out grows this real soon. They did give us medsto try but they can only be used for special things like overnights ,not good for everyday use. My sis thats a nurse said dont even use them there bad for there kidneys-let him out grow it-so thats what we do. I was hoping to be done getting diapers a LONG time ago.