Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool Fun (click on pictures to view larger)

This is Elijah's 'flirt face.' It started about this time last year at church when I gave him his first popsicle. They served it as dessert for the Wednesday evening meal. I gave him a lick, and this face followed. The entire table was roaring in laughter. He knew it, and he knew he'd get more licks if he kept making it. He's continued to make it when he knew he was cute.

I've said Elijah doesn't like the pool much... and he doesn't. He mostly hangs out on the swingset while the others are in the pool. But he did enjoy being pulled around in his new fish... for a little while.

Same photo, uncropped.

Isaac found a baby praying mantis on the side of the pool. Tiny tiny little guy.

same photo, uncropped.

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Caroline said...

Your camera is amazing! Seriously, those pictures look really good, and your family is so freaking adorable!