Saturday, June 27, 2009

I don't have much to say but haven't posted in a while so wanted to give an update. It has been a busy week with VBS, but it was a fun one. The kids of course had a blast. We typically stayed at church to eat afterwards. The family life center has been they played after eating and I read :)
Elijah's party is FINALLY going to take place on Monday. I hated to have it elsewhere when church is perfect. Abigail, Elijah, and I ran all over town for hours (Noah and Isaac were with dad) trying to find Blue's Clues things... to no avail. Elijah's favorite show has NOTHING for sale. But we got creative and will have plenty of things to go along with the theme. I'll share on Monday :)
That's it for now... oh, except Elijah has slept in his crib past 6am two nights in a row. If we can manage THREE nights in a row, I will be hopeful. Funny guy. He drinks water in his sippy cup when I put him down but also wants his blanket over his head. It's not a heavy one. It's a Blue's Clues blanket I made for Abigail (yes, it is a pattern for girls, oh well) about 7 years ago.

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