Monday, June 1, 2009

I am enjoying peace for the moment due to Elijah taking a nap and the other three playing in the easy set pool that I got for a STEAL last year at Toys R Us for $40. It says it retails for $99 but is on sale now for $89. I'm so proud of my find... and it was a find. I was looking at them and noticed one in a much older box, but it had not been opened. I did a price check on it just out of curiosity and sure enough... it was a LOT cheaper than the others.
I wasn't going to set it up this year for fear Elijah would get out in the backyard and get in the pool, but with the kids going insane, I decided to go ahead and set it up, still unsure if it will stay up. So far it hasn't been a problem. As long as I remove the ladder, he can't get in. The top of the pool is taller than he is. We already keep the doors locked and thank goodness... he hasn't figured out how to unlock the door. Have to watch him like a hawk regardless. He WILL find something to get into.
So for now, I'm enjoying the peace :)


Alex and Jill said...

I may need Alex to get me one of these until he decides to put in the in-ground pool. I already feel ginormous and it's HOT!!

I'm glad it's providing some peace and quiet for you, girl. You deserve it. :)

Sara Campbell said...

Becca, one summer we were stuck here (b/c I had a baby in July and couldn't travel). I bought a big blow up pool and it so so saved my life.

Snow White said...

Awesome. I'm sure your kids will love you to pieces for this one ;)