Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend in Arkansas

It is times like these that you are really glad you happened to have the camera in your purse. We went to Mt Fuji for happy hour (5 pieces of sushi and one roll for $8). Elijah only wanted the rice so I got a bowl of it and squooshed it into balls. Elijah wanted to use chopsticks too...

we were amazed at how well he did.

He may not have held them correctly, but he got them to work!

I love this picture...

we had a great waiter. Here E is trying to feed him an edamame pod.

Daddy and Abigail

Daddy and E

Boys and me

Then we went to Community Bakery. I have never been there and have lived here for 12 years. I didn't know we had a place where you could go just for dessert... and their prices are much better than what you'd pay in a restaurant. Kids had so much fun picking out what they wanted... there were a LOT of choices.

Abigail likes her dessert just like her momma. Rich and lots of it.

The boys chose cookies.

Then we went to the play area in the River Market. I had not been there and had no clue how nice it is. We didn't take any good pictures of the equipment, but take my word for it, it is worth a trip down there :)

Elijah was happy watching all the action from this vantage point:

The next day we drove to Clarksville for the Peach Festival... though there were no peaches. They aren't ready yet. This was the first parade for the kids. I believe it will become a yearly event.
Getting candy.

Getting some shade and eating candy.

Elijah enjoyed the candy too. I swiped my fair share and even got hit in the head with a peppermint while snapping a picture of the other kids catching it...

That's our friend, David, in the background who lives in Clarksville. He grew up in a house a block away from the parade route. We went there first and then walked over when we heard the sirens. It was nice not having to go extra early to get a spot or worry about parking.
After the parade, we drove out to his family's farm. We passed by this beautiful old church (build around 1915)

After the farm, we went downtown for the activities there. we thought we'd head home afterwards, but since it was early we changed our minds and headed toward Mt. Magazine. We stopped by Subiaco Academy on the way. This is the chapel. We were able to go inside. No one was there, so we tested the acoustics by singing some hymns.

Then we went on to the top. I got a little nervous on some of those roads. This is a lookout we stopped at.

Arkansas sure is pretty!

And that ended our excursion. Remember to click the pics to view larger.


Alex and Jill said...

You had a BUSY weekend!! Love all of the pics, especially the one of you at Mt. Mag!

Geidlbots said...

I love Arkansas! Ready to call it home again in just one week!

jensoup said...

cute pics...looks like you all had a great time. We head to the north woods again for our usually 4th of July trip this sat and will be up there till the 5th-nice looong break!
In responce to your reply-I blame my cousins kid for the dog biting T(ha) but who knows . I guess he was being mean to him a few days earlier while he was tied maybe he thought T was going to hurt him-there about the same size. T would never hurt a dog,we have 2 and he knows better-he's not like that anyway. Besides the dog didnt just bite,he kept biting and was making "attack" sounds while biting repeatedly. Weve encountered a few dogs since and T doesnt seem to be afraid-thank God! I was so worried we'd have to stay away from dogs.
He doesnt pick at scabs luckily,he's really good about stuff like that,and he really likes bandaids:)

The Davidson Den said...

How fun!