Friday, January 30, 2009

A Good Day

Had a good day today. Rehearsal and the meeting I had with my principal both went well. We had a simple but good dinner. Cheddar cheese topped with chili on a hamburger bun... ate it with a spork (I have metal sporks, love them :). And some diced potatoes with butter, pepper, and garlic. The kids ate it. Abigail eats anything, but the boys can be picky.
We went to Baskin Robbins tonight. Elijah got his first ice cream cone all to himself. He did a great job with it. He was so happy standing in the booth eating his ice cream. He got a bit annoyed when he hit the paper, but giggled as if he were getting a brand new cone when Abigail took off the paper and gave it back to him. Then he wanted MY cone. Now he's watching Clone Wars with the rest of the fam, running around with an empty water gun. One thing I love about this house that I did not have when the other kids were little... hardwood and tile floors thruout the downstairs. All I have to do is listen to know where he is. I hear the little "flap flap flap" of his feet. The other kids had carpet to run around on and it doesn't sound near as cute :)
My Target order arrived today. The shoes are as great as or better than I expected.
It is sooooo good to 'see' Harper doing better. If you have not visited recently, you must :)
I love watching this

I told my choirs they were the clay and I was the potter and if they refused to do what I told them to do, they'd never be a thing of beauty, just an ugly lump. Of course, we've all heard that analogy when allowing Christ to change us... but I'd never thought of it applying to a choir until last night.

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