Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My little monster

Abigail and Elijah love each other... dearly. Elijah gets almost as excited to see her as he does me. It is the cutest thing. Tonight, I put Elijah's crib in her room. Elijah slept in our bed for the first year, then I moved him to a crib in our room. He doesn't have a room. There is another bedroom downstairs, but I don't want to move anyone down there... Abigail can move someday, but I'm not ready to have her so far away from us. I don't want to put Elijah in with Noah and Isaac. There is a yet-to-be-finished bonus room that has made no progress since we moved in 4.5 yrs ago. SO I figured tonight was as good as any to move the crib. Abigail walked in her room, jumped up and down and said "you moved him! thank you! thank you!" and then gave me a big ol hug. She was so excited. But, Elijah didn't care for the idea. He would not settle down. I moved the crib back to our room. That wasn't enough. Apparently the thought of moving really rattled the little guy. I let him cry for a while... something I never do... but I thought surely he'd calm down... he thought otherwise. After a few attempts of me going up there and patting him, I got him out, put him in our bed and laid down with him. He immediately went to sleep. I've created a monster, but he is the most adorable, loving monster ever. I'm ok with that.


Alex and Jill said...

LOL It's so cute that they adore each other like that. A blessing really!

Sorry I couldn't help, today. I felt bad that David had to come all of the way home. Maybe next time, I can get my little magic box to work.

Jodi said...

We have had someone in our bed for the past 18 years and even though I might not appreciate ALL the time, I love the memories I have of them snuggling up. It won't last for ever anyway, so I just enjoy it while I can.