Thursday, January 29, 2009

My favorite guys... at the time

I received notice that aol pictures was closing, but I could transfer my pictures to photoworks. I didn't think I had any pictures at aol, but figured I'd better find out. I opened up my account and saw this one. At the time, these were my favorite guys. Of course, now there are 2 more :)
And the others:

Not sure what I'm looking at... probably Abigail. Noah is looking right at Daddy :)

My brood at the time. Noah is about 6 months, Abigail 21

Noah was a very happy baby.


Abigail was born with a ton of hair and kept it all... which made her look a lot older than she was. She is not yet two here.

Drying her hair... while she brushes her teeth with two toothbrushes...

They grow so fast!


Jill said...

Okay, look how young David looks! (not that he looks old now :) I see Abigail in him, in that first photo. We've been going through old photos, the past few days, and just laughing our heads off. I love going back and looking at them.

Thanks for sharing!

CP said...

I see a real resemblance with Elijah in those pics of Noah. "They must be brothers."

Anonymous said...

ohhhh-you look so young-not that you look old now,but you look like a kid:)