Friday, January 23, 2009

I couldn't resist

I kept looking at the Target shoes after being so mad at myself for NOT looking the other day, and gave in. I didn't want to spend another $50, but my shoes are in desperate need of friends. This is what I got:

I also got some pajama bottoms and some shorts for $3 each and some $5 tights to bring it up to $50 in order to get free shipping :) The boots weren't on as much of a sale as I like, but it's hard to find boots on sale, and these were just $23... and I don't have any brown boots (yes, I'm rationalizing :). I threw out my other pair b/c I had no business wearing them they were so worn out and I knew I would if I didn't toss 'em!
I'm gradually getting this site together. I started adding the blogs I read from xanga... though I haven't been very good at reading them lately. If you are one of my xanga friends and you don't see your blog listed, it is probably b/c you don't have RSS feed enabled... at least, that is my best guess as to why it didn't work... though I'm not entirely sure.

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