Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm in the midst of planning Abigail's birthday. We are thinking we'll do a "spring/egg" theme (it all started by wanting to paint ceramics). I'll order bisque eggs for the kids to paint and some ready-made birds nests for them to take their eggs home in. That's where I need help. Do any of you know where I can find nests? I have found these for about $18 (total) including shipping.
But, I'd like something a bit more woodsy... like this:

(I can always add the moss)
I can search in the hobby stores, but if any of you nest lovers out there know of a place I can find these, it would save me time :) Of course, if they are $5 a piece, I'll get the plain jane ones above...


His Doorkeeper said...

I saw some nests with eggs in them today at TJMX in LR and also in Conway. They were three in a box and I think they were $12. They were really nice.

Don't know if that will help?

debbiearnn said...

I'm guessing you've checked Hobby Lobby or Michael's, but what about tiny wreaths that might fit an egg. Not sure what they have there, but it's an option.

amanda said...

Becca, I don't know about eggs like that, but these might be fun treats for the party.