Friday, March 20, 2009


Abigail's party is coming together well. Unlike the boys, she does not decide what she wants to do for her party 3 months in advance. She teeters back and forth between a small party with a few friends and a huge party with everyone. There were some things she wanted to do (rock wall climbing, paint-your-own pottery, or slumber) that would have meant she could only invite a few friends.... and the rock climbing may not be enjoyable to all of them. So, she did settle on the paint-your-own pottery. I was about to book Firefly when I wondered if we could do it at church. We have ceramics, but I didn't know if you could have a party there. But yey, we can. So, that means she can invite all the girls in her grade and not just a handful.
We're going to make something like this:
I'll have this for them to copy:

They'll paint eggs about 1" in size.
We'll have cupcakes like this:

And I can fill gift bags with lots of egg candy. I may make smaller versions of these too (thanks Amanda) to bag up and put in the gift bag:

And I think I may modify these instructions and have them make the nest as well.

I'll have to try it out first of course, but I think if I just use larger string, I can make a bigger nest. I may have some leaves to add in too.
SO, that's what I got so far.
Why nests? No reason, started with painting pottery and went from there.


Alex and Jill said...

I told Alex that I'm going to have a paint your own pottery party for my birthday! :) Just for me and my girlfriends. I love doing that.

Have fun!

Amanda said...

What a unique idea for a birthday! I'm glad it is all coming together for you!

jensoup said...

what is on top of those cupcakes? Another idea for a treat is those nests you make w/chow mein noodles-I love those things-yum!