Friday, March 6, 2009

Cluttered Horizon

I don't have much to say, but thought it was time for a post. My horizon is looking a bit busy.
This Thursday is CPA ('contest' seems to be the word that better indicates what it is... but it is called Choral Performance Assessment). I have had TONS of students out this week who are sick with pneumonia or the flu. I hope they all get better this weekend! They are singing SO well and it would really stink if illness is what keeps us from doing our best.
After that is Mission Week. All the 9th-12th graders will be out for the week doing various mission projects. Since I'm part time, I'll be subbing for the teachers who are out with the students... teaching/testing the 7th/8th graders who remain. The 8th graders will be taking the IOWA test.
After that, Spring Break. HURRAY. I'm very ready for it. I like to work in the yard over spring break and am looking forward to doing just that.
Then we're back at school and have Jr/Sr banquet that Friday. I'm one of the sponsors for that event... it is usually in May. We had to bump it up b/c of a possible softball conflict. We have been wanting to host a dance as well... usually there is the banquet, then parents host a dance, then the PTF (parent/teacher fellowship) sponsor bowling. I've always hated it. I have never understood the baptist stance on dancing. I understand that SOME forms of dancing are wrong (there is always a way to do just about anything wrong), but limit the types of music played and that will all but handle that... and if not, TEACHERS are there to put a stop to it. I don't see a thing wrong with dancing in and of itself. We're going to mix up ballroom type music with contemporary music and will have an instructor there to help out those who'd like to learn the steps. I think it will be fun :) David and I will be there dancing away :) This is us in silhouette:
BUT it means a LOT more planning in a LOT less time for us. We're planning a full night of activities... a lock in of sorts... but are of course rushed to do so. And YIPPY I get to stay up all night. I'm SO looking forward to THAT... since sleeping the entire next day is not an option for me, it isn't something I relish.
So, that's what I've been up to. A friend of ours is coming to stay with us tonight. He's just passing thru and I may miss him entirely. He will probably arrive after I'm in bed and be gone (maybe) before I wake up. But since E likes to wake with the sun... maybe not.


Amanda G said...

WOW. Glad to hear AB is movin' on up!!! :) I hope the kids have fun!

jensoup said...

When is your spring break? Ours is now-well all this coming week,last friday was the last day of school.
The DR did make it sound like he thought Trev's ear would heal...but theres a chance not-he's giving it 4 months-I think thats fair. Trev had tubes in the 1st place b/c he had 4 ear infections that burst his ear drum-thats why they feel he wasnt hearing early on:( I'm praying it heals ,we have really bad insurance . We are still paying off the $3000 hospital bill from Sept. when he had his toncils out!

jensoup said...

It's no where near spring here. But when theres a late easter we have early spring break. we also only have spring break every other year ,then the opposite year is Easter break.We have had some 50's this week ,so most of the snow is gone ...but todat its in the 30's and where having an ice storm:( At this rate Matt will never be called back to work. Everything is so flooded from all that snow we had all melting,and theres to much frost for the ground to absorb it...its a mess

Me said...

Baptists and their problem with's weird, isn't it?? I grew up Baptist and when Paul and I got married (in my hometown church), we were forbidden to have dancing at the reception. I think a part of me will always regret not having my wedding somewhere else JUST so I could do the whole sappy bride/father dance thing and the "first dance as a married couple."