Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

We've been out of town for a few days. The kids have not had the most exciting Spring Break due to David working at his many other jobs, tying up most of his days and a few of his nights too. Friday was free, so off we went. David and Grampa took the boys (as in Noah and Isaac, Elijah is not 'one of the boys' just yet :) to the open Arkansas Razorback practice. They weren't sure it was going to be outside, but they went in the hope it would be. David was calling the entire way up there to make sure it was still outside and up until 20 minutes before it was to start, it was. The kickers came out and practiced a bit, but no one else. Then they found out it had been moved inside... which meant it was closed. They were of course disappointed. As they were leaving, they lucked out when someone stopped them asking if they'd like to go to the indoor practice field. There weren't many in there so the boys got lots of attention. They got to meet some players and Noah saw what he needs to do if he really wants to be a quarterback :) He will remember it forever... Isaac isn't as big of a football fan as Noah. He says basketball is his thing. He had fun, but he didn't watch with the starry eyes like Noah.

Abigail, my mom, Elijah and I went to Cheddar's for dinner. Elijah is always happy as long as he has some food he likes to eat so I figured we could have a nice dinner out. Elijah had other plans. He was in a mood like no other. I think he had a tummy ache. He didn't cry only when sitting in the MIDDLE of my lap. He would not sit on one knee or the other, which of course made it impossible for me to eat. I got mine to go (once it finally got there) and ate in the car.

We were wanting to go to the drive thru safari in Gentry Saturday but due to the rapid decline in temperature and fear of a freezing I540 bridge... we didn't go. Was a bit of a bummer since that was going to be the ONE fun thing we did, but we'll just have to go in the summer. Today was a much prettier day so we went to the Arkansas Game and Fish commission nature center in Ft Smith. There is a small pond the kids were able to fish in. They even provide the equipment. You just buy the bait. Abigail, Noah, and Isaac were able to fish for about 45 minutes due to Elijah falling asleep on the way out there :) I stayed in the car with him. Isaac caught his first fish... the other two... maybe next time :) Isaac was SO excited. Isaac stayed out with Grampa to try for another. The rest of the crew went inside with me to watch "critter crunch." They feed an animal and boy were we in for a treat. We got to see a big ol rattlesnake strike a mouse, the mouse shake and die... and the snake swallow it. I can't say I enjoyed the experience, but it is one I'll never forget. They had several nature exhibits and other animals in tanks.
This is them in a birdhouse:

Thankfully, the kids said they had a great spring break.

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jensoup said...

I know-I've tried w/Maddie to get her to do it-but no lie she'll have 3 baskets full in her room. So I tell her no phone,no play dates,no sleep overs till its done-but she feels I'm a bad mom for making her do it. She'll finially do it when she's invited for a sleep over.Most of C's things are hung and he's not great at that-the pants all go on a shelf in his closet he cant reach:(
I'll keep trying.
Glad to see spring breal was nice-looks like the kids had fun-I think just being out of school is fun:)