Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My sweet kids

Just a quick post before a busy day tomorrow, but I don't want to forget these moments :)
Last night the boys were fighting horribly in the tub. I don't run up and get involved if it can be avoided. I just let them work it out (sometimes I have to b/c they get too loud and risk waking Elijah). Last night I didn't have to get involved. I went upstairs after the fight when they were brushing their teeth. I was doing laundry. But I heard Noah apologize for whatever it was he did... all on his own. And then Isaac said "it's ok" and apologized for what he did. I then walked in the bathroom and told them how much I appreciated them apologizing all on their own, and they hugged. Gotta love it when they get something and they weren't forced into doing something they didn't feel.
And this morning... I got the bad mom award. I had no idea it had gotten COLD. I had Isaac in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Only when I left and felt the chill (and went back in to get my coat) did I realize it. It was raining, so I knew they wouldn't be going outside... but I still felt terrible. Tonight at church (same building, hadn't gone home, so he was still in shorts) we were in line for dinner. I told David how I felt like the worst mom... of course David teases me by saying something like "you should." Isaac said, "don't feel bad mom, I wasn't cold at all." Yeah... riiiiiigghht... but thank you Isaac for trying to make me feel better :)
And now Elijah... I was typing on the computer. He kept hitting the keyboard and I kept stopping him. He was getting mad. Not crying, but obviously annoyed and he kept hitting the keyboard. I thought he was mad b/c I wouldn't let him type. I was emailing a parent at the time. I finally finished and put the computer down (laptop) and he immediately crawled up into my lap and hugged me. He wasn't mad that I wouldn't let him type, he was mad b/c it was in my lap and he wanted to be.
One more... I have always gotten crunchy peanut butter. The kids like it more, but it is harder to spread. I recently saw creamy peanut butter with honey and bought it to try. The kids haven't complained, but I asked them which they preferred. They all said "crunchy." I said that was fine and I'd buy crunchy again, I just liked the creamy b/c it was easier to spread and made making sandwiches easier (and when you make 20 a week, it matters). Abigail said, "oh, well that's fine, you can buy creamy." Not a big deal, but I just love how easy going she is. She doesn't fuss over anything. If she can make my life easier by switching to creamy... she will!
Of course, I'll buy crunchy next time :)


Alex and Jill said...

You do have some good kids. :) I would be very proud, if I were you!

Me said...

Your kids sound so precious. Good for you for documenting these things. I keep telling myself to get stuff written down, but by the time I go to do it I've forgotten what it was in the first place. (drives me crazy) I think I may need to carry around a mini-cassette recorder so I can make memos to myself all day long...