Monday, March 2, 2009

Ways to save money?

The other day I read a story about ways to save money. It was a perfect example of when I said I get excited about reading stories like that... but am then disappointed b/c it usually involves ways to SPEND money.
Here are some examples from the story:
1. Buy a fuel efficient car. Spend thousands in order to save a few? I think you'd save more if you drove an older car that was paid for. hhhmmmmm
2. Buy concert tickets at discount sites rather than Ticketmaster. How 'bout: don't go to concerts.
3. Buy coffee at Dunkin Donuts instead of Starbucks. Goodness, make it yourself and put it in a travel mug.
4. Eat out at casual restaurants. It then showed how much you could 'save' by eating at casual instead of fancy restaurants 3 times a week. We *try* not to eat out at all, but do value menu it at Burger King when there is no time to cook. (have you had their spicy chicken sandwich? we're fans)
5. Vacation within driving distance to save on airfare. Vacationing ANYWHERE is a luxury to me!


MK said...

My favorite money saver-always carry cash. No credits cards/debit cards.
My dad and I are actually about to start an envelope system!

becca said...

Yes, that will work if both people withdrawing from your account will stick to it :) I gave up long ago.

MK said...

Thankfully thats just me for the time being.
Mrs.Hopkins has us all worrying about "budgets" already!

Alex and Jill said...

I think you should write a book of ways to save money! LOL

Me said...

Good grief. What an article. I'm right there with you...especially the vacation one!!