Monday, April 20, 2009

My little thief

We had a hard time getting the kids in bed tonight due to so many missing toothbrushes. Elijah has moved from wanting to carry pencils to wanting a toothbrush in one hand and toothpaste in the other. I found 3 tubes of toothpaste in the family room today. Still haven't found all the toothbrushes. He doesn't squeeze out the toothpaste, he just holds it. Funny little guy. And soooo sweet. He's still full of kisses all the time. He only kisses bare skin too. He'll walk by and kiss the back of my knee, or whatever happens to be close. If I'm holding him, he'll push up my sleeve to kiss my arm. When I change his diaper, he pulls my elbow down to kiss it. He's so funny.