Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pray for my father in law... Ron. He went to the hospital late last night after having chest pains. He will be having quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow. They tried to fit him in today but were unable. Apparently one blockage is very bad and they were surprised he had not had a heart attack (which is why they tried to fit him in today). It is very odd to me that it is so bad considering how closely he has watched his diet and weight... for as long as I've known him. Apparently his good cholesterol is what is so bad. Both his good and bad cholesterol are low. The doctor told him he needed to drink red wine to get the good up... considering he is a southern baptist preacher... well, I'm sure he'll be doing a lot of praying over that "prescription!"
I went to the doctor yesterday. Dr. Brennaman was held up at the hospital so I saw a doctor I didn't even know was at Cornerstone. He came in and said he could see me if I was ok with that... which is funny to me. I can't imagine anyone on baby #5 having a problem with any doc, especially for those visits that are pretty much just to hear the heartbeat. My blood pressure was 102/58 which seems awfully low to me, but they said it was good so I guess it is of no concern. He mentioned the tests that were available next visit, but I've never done them and have no intention of doing them now. He said they use a 'formula' to determine a positive result, along with the bloodwork. He said age is a big factor and considering I am 35... he said my risk for a false positive was very high. I wouldn't care to do the test regardless, but I was glad that he gave that info anyway.
I thought my ultrasound would be scheduled at the time of my next appt... in 4 weeks. But nope, it was to be done between them. Originally it was scheduled for May 12, but I had to reschedule b/c David couldn't be there. Now it is May 18. I'll be 18 weeks. We won't take the kids this time. We are limited to 3 going with me... so we'd only be able to take 2 kids. I don't mind leaving Elijah out, but one of the others would be pretty upset! So, it will just be David and I.
Elijah is making a HUGE mess in the pantry. He got a hold of the art box and painted a nice picture on the floor with these things...

The paint pours out rather nicely when banged repeatedly. Not sure why they didn't think a toddler would do such a thing...


jensoup said...

we will be praying for Ron and keeping you all in our thoughts.
Cant wait for the u/s:)
Good luck w/the paint mess!!

jensoup said...

oohh yah and meant to tell you thats what my blood pressure always is-its normal-they actually tell me its very good ,I'll never have to worry about high blood pressure:)

The Davidson Den said...

Becca! I had no idea this was going on in your family! I've been WAAAAY behind on my reading--got home and saw you had SIX posts I hadn't read! Oops. No wonder I felt like we hadn't "spoken" to one another in a while. Ha! (To give you an idea of how behind I am...I have 477 new items in my Reader right now! Not.good.)

I hope your FIL is doing better. I guess we BOTH have had worrisome family stuff going on lately. Takes a lot out of you, doesn't it?

I also read your post about pregnancy stress and hormones. I'll be praying for you. I know it's hard. I will NEVER forget having those "moments" of absolute brokenness and thinking (and even saying outloud) "I'm not READY for this!" Hang in there.

And thanks for the playdate today. Maybe next time your others can join us...I'm sure my Noah would love that. And by the way, I apologize for being late (ugh) and for the way I didn't really handle my child when little Elijah got hurt. At the time I guess I thought Noah might not have known what had happened and that was why he was just staring at me like I was crazy. I asked him about it later, and he said they accidentally bumped heads. Something we're working on is being compassionate toward others in those kind of cirumstances. Anyway, I'm sorry he (nor I) did a good job of that today. Was this your longest comment ever or what?!