Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today was "one of those days." I don't have them often praise the Lord! Nothing major (until the end) to make it particularly awful except that I was just FULL of frustration. It is the one and only thing I hate about pregnancy. The emotions. I've said before that things don't make me mad when pregnant that don't make me mad when not, it is just that the accompanying emotion is multiplied by 10. Same goes for frustration. I have been searching for DVDs that I rented from Redbox on the 18th. I was so proud of myself that weekend... after they watched them, I gathered them up and put them SOMEWHERE so the kids wouldn't get into them and I could return them the next day. Only, I forgot where 'somewhere' was. I've been searching ever since, but today I decided I was going to find them or die trying (or at least, I felt that way). It wasn't going well and I was ultra annoyed. I searched every logical place I could think of, and some illogical places... several times. But finally in illogical place #107, I found them.
((oh and while I was looking for them Isaac decided he could go down the street to a friend's house without permission... and he KNOWS I never give him permission to go to this friend's house, so he KNEW what he was doing when he took off w/o asking, so that was a nice frustration builder too when I couldn't find him.))
Took the kids with me to return them and sweet Abigail wanted to use the money David gave her for helping watch Elijah to get everyone a treat. Came home and I was going to read for a bit while Elijah watched Sesame Street... to destress. But OF COURSE, my stress got multiplied when I couldn't find the book. I was really beginning to feel like someone was playing tricks on me! Again, searched everywhere. I knew I'd brought it in from the car last night but then decided I was tired and wouldn't read. So I knew it was downstairs, but again, not in any logical place. After searching for a good hour (and even shedding some actual tears I was so annoyed, thank you pregnancy hormones), EVERYWHERE... I found it on top of the shoe rack covered up by a blanket (huh?). So then I was happy and thought after the kids get in bed, I'm relaxing...
But it couldn't end there. I was getting the kids ready for bed... the boys wanted to bathe in my tub with Elijah. I normally let Abigail bathe with him, but not the boys. I let them... but won't again. I really should have known better b/c they just aren't as tuned into him as Abigail is. I'm not sure if he started to climb out and they just thought he could or what, but regardless, he fell out. Hurt his eye good. Scared me good too b/c the scratch is right on his lid, which I at first feared was a gash. I was thinking we were going to be joining my FIL at Baptist. It wasn't bleeding too bad though so I decided he was ok. It is bruised and I'm sure it will look worse tomorrow. He didn't react too terribly either. He cried horribly when it first happened, but calmed down immediately when I picked him up. His eyes dilated fine... and he let me put medicine on it. SO joy. Great way to cap off a day.
David is of course at the hospital, has been all day.
How was YOUR day?

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jensoup said...

ohhh-so sorry...hope your weekend is great:)