Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't forget to turn back your clocks...

You don't want to get to church an hour early and realize you lost your chance to catch up on some sleep :) I'll be home AGAIN with Levi and Elijah.

Last night we went to GSFest... it is a Halloween thing at another church nearby. Kinda like a mini-fair. We had fun when we first got there, but then it got real crowded and took too long to ride anything. We lasted 2 hrs though, which is good when you have little ones. I got a corn dog, so I was happy.

Tonight we went to the Halloween thing at our church. There was one ride, spun around fast in circles... I'd get sick on it if I made the attempt. Noah DID get sick. Didn't throw up, just made him feel bad enough to not want to do anything the rest of the night. So we ended up leaving there early too. Came home and I drove Isaac, Abigail, and Levi around trick or treating in the neighborhood (Levi was asleep in his carseat, he didn't trick or treat :) I wanted Elijah to go too but for some reason David didn't think he should go, so he stayed home and passed out candy with Noah (who got to feeling better quickly once he was home). I think Noah had more fun greeting people at the door than he would have trick or treating, but I am still a bit bummed Elijah didn't go. This would have been the first year for him to understand what was going on. He would have been pretty fascinated at ringing a doorbell and people giving you candy. And not to mention that's two bags of candy I don't get to steal from... (just kidding)

And no, there is no picture to accompany this post. I didn't take ANY! I wanted to take one as soon as we got to church, but we ate first and that was just too crazy to work in a picture. Then Levi got hungry so I stayed there to feed him and everyone ended up scattering. So I thought I'd take one as soon as we got home... but as I said... David went in with Noah and Elijah and I went out with the others. Got home and I told everyone to get in the tub... forgetting to take a picture!

I didn't think we'd be home until 8, so I didn't buy a ton of candy to pass out. One of my friends on facebook posted that she didn't know if she should pass out candy or post a sign that said "you don't want anything from us, we have H1N1." I told her I might steal that idea for when I don't want anyone coming anymore. ha But we opted to just turn out all the lights. I usually turn them out at 9 (and some rude kids still insist on banging on my door in total darkness), but tonight they went out at 8.

AND today was all region auditions. It is usually the day that I DREAD. I'm always excited for the kids auditioning, but the total and complete hate I have for the act of judging...sitting in a chair for about 8 hours STRAIGHT, no break other than a one minute potty break every few hours, listening to students sing the same 2 minutes of music, one right after the other... it just makes my head want to spin right off... it overtakes any excitement I may have. I'm glad Levi came along and got me out of it today! :) I would have been stuck there when I would have wanted to be home getting my kids ready and taking them to church. I got to just be excited for my students instead. I had 10 audition and 7 made it. The post below was letting them know. I told them I'd put it on my blog so they could check it.

Levi went thru a growth spurt. He was fussy and eating a lot more often beginning Wednesday night. But it ended today. he slept practically all day long and was back to eating every 3 hrs or so. I don't know if this pattern is going to stick, but I'm feeling ultra blessed with him eating every 3 hours after having TWO babies who ate a lot more often than that, especially at this age. Abigail ate every 3 hrs, Noah ate every 4. I don't schedule them, that's just the routine they fell into. Isaac never fell into a routine. Elijah did, but he still ate every 2.5 hrs or so at best... and that was when he was an older baby. SO if Levi settles into a 3 hour cycle, I'll be quite happy!


Alex and Jill said...

We had some ring our doorbell in the dark as well. I can't believe how fast the candy went...going to have to buy lots more for next year. I was out by 730.

A is eating every 3 hours on the dot. It's funny how my day flys by, now that it's broken up into feeding every few hours.

I'm jealous of the corndog!

jensoup said...

How long does trick or treat last for you? we only have it from 3:30-5:30 and usually its not on Halloween(though it was this year). This is the 1st weve actually had it Halloween,unless Halloween falls on a Sun. Traditionally we have trick or treat the Sunday before Halloween in the afternoon.