Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is my first attempt at using Picasa to upload pictures. Is there a way to upload more than 4 pictures into one post? I ended up creating 4 posts and then copying the Html from them and pasting it into one. Still faster than using blogger's tool.
Here is a happy Elijah with Isaac. Isaac was home this morning b/c he had a stomach ache.

Here E is last night... he's not exactly potty training, but he is beginning to show interest. I'd say we're at the beginning stages...
What's this? Levi's first trip to Wal-Mart...

Not sure if he'll be a thumb sucker or take a paci... I don't care as long as he does one of them :)

My grandmother (dad's mom) died today. Apparently it was fast. My aunt got a call that she had a cold and then not long after that, she got a call that she had died. She was 98, so it wasn't anything totally unexpected. She lived a long full life that is for sure. She was raised on a dairy farm in VA, married a Marine and returned to her childhood home while my grandfather was in Iceland during WW2. He was 13 years older than her and died in 83 (or so? I was 7 or 8). After he died I remember her going on lots of trips all over the world. Then about 10 years ago she started going downhill mentally, but physically was still doing well. I remember her saying more than once that she wished there was a pill you could take and just die. She said she didn't want to lose her memory- that she'd rather die if she wasn't fully able to live, and if she couldn't play bridge! So I've always felt bad for her. I'm pretty sure she forgot about me long ago, and that's ok. I didn't see her very often. My parents divorced so unless I saw her when visiting my dad during the summer, I didn't see her.
She was a neat lady. She bought me clothes and I always thought it was so cool that she could pick out a dress for me that I loved when she was in her 80s. I did love whatever she got. It was always nicer than the stuff I'd get myself. I've never had expensive taste when it comes to clothes. I'm a bargain shopper. So when I'd get something from her all wrapped in Laura Ashley paper, I knew it would be something special. She'd also hand down things she'd buy herself but then decided was "too wild" for an 80 year old. And I loved those things too! I was a teenager wearing my grandmother's hand me downs!
And that is all I have time for... I hear Levi...
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Lori at The Davidson Den said...

She must have been one cool grandmother to pick out clothes for you that you liked. (Don't tell my mom, but I almost never like the things SHE gets for me. Maybe it's because I haven't figured out "my style" yet.) Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your grandmother, and I'm sorry to hear the news, though you are right. It is hard when our loved ones don't have their minds and are still here on Earth enduring...physically. 98. Wow.