Friday, October 23, 2009

I think he likes it

That was my ARM in the picture.
Goodness! But since an anonymous commenter thought it was something else, I thought I'd remove the picture. I'm so sure I'd post a picture of THAT!! He was in my lap at that, no where near my breast. ugh

[deleted picture of Levi taking a pacifier]

I was really hoping Levi would take a pacifier since I knew I would have to be away from him for longer than I'd like come January 25. Thinking if he'll take a pacifier, he'll take a bottle. Abigail and Noah took both- but Noah was 6 wks before he'd take one- then he loved the thing til he was 2.5. I only let abigail have one at nap/bedtime once she became mobile (bc I couldn't stand the thought of her crawling to one on the floor and popping it in her mouth) and then took it away completely at 9 mos.
Isaac and Elijah took neither. At least not easily. David could get isaac to take a bottle, but no one else could. Elijah rarely took one, he usually preferred to wait for me.
I need Levi to take a bottle. I'll be away from him for about three hours every day :(
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Anonymous said...
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kim_brough said...

I kinda thought that's what it was too (accidental of course!). I've seen that happen to several new moms. I think Elisabeth Hasselback did it with this new baby... but didn't notice until AFTER she sent it out to all her family. Yikes!