Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LEVI'S First outings

Levi's (oops, first posting I put Elijah!) first outing was supposed to be Target Monday night. I'm pretty sure that is where I've gone the first time out with all of them. I remember going when Abigail was 5 days old b/c I just needed to get out. I've never been good at being holed up at home for days. But I had a 4th degree tear with her... it was a bad idea.
This time, I'm feeling great. David wanted Cracker Barrell and since all the boys were at his parents... it always seems like the perfect time to go out to eat since the bill will be much less :) Levi slept the entire time.

Then to Target. I knew he'd get hungry so I put him in this Moby wrap type sling I made... and to protect him from passers-by.

The next day was his doctor's appointment. Here we are waiting in Dr. Gray's office. Abigail was with me, so she took pictures. Can't see him again... b/c he's eating... again. But he's in the regular peanut style sling. I like the Moby, but it takes forever to put on. I'm thinking about modifying it into one like this. Looks easier to use.

And here Levi is all laid out on the table waiting for the nurse to measure him.

Waiting for Dr. Gray.

I thought Abigail deserved a treat (and we were starving since we didn't have time to eat before the appointment) so we went to Panera. David doesn't like it, so I go there when I can with someone else :) Levi slept again.

That night at the game... Abigail took these too.

And today... Nana and Grandaddy got Levi a swing and it got here today. It was hard to put together with Elijah in on the action. The box only kept him busy for a short while.

But it was worth it b/c Levi loved it. I was able to spend time with Elijah and fix his lunch no problem with Levi happily swinging away.

And now it's time to get out and go get Abigail, take her to piano... and take Noah back to church. David took Noah to piano. I can't wait for the lesson to finish with no DVD player.


jensoup said...

did you mean Levi instead of Elijah(went to Target??)-lol!
I love the swing-I have that side to side swing type and I've never met a baby that didnt like it!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I love that you sew. (I don't have many friends who sew the way I do.)

Debbie said...

a word on the swing. We had one with Emmaleigh...and I kept it up all the way until Alex needed it (2 1/2 years) I used to let Emmaleigh play with it...with her dolls...and push it and all.

When Alex got here, it didn't work anymore because she'd broken the gears from pushing it too far back. We had to purchase a whole new motor part...which wasn't really cheap.

So I'm just saying, be cautious about how the kids play around it. It was an unexpected expense for us.

You look really good and so does Levi. :-)