Thursday, February 26, 2009


It all began at 12:30am... when a sippy cup with handles (more leverage) was slammed into my upper lip. I could take a picture, but I'll spare you. Then things were going better when Elijah and I awoke at 6:15. I knew I could use the extra time to get ready since my 9th grade choir was to sing in chapel at the elementary school. I had to be there before 8am... and since I normally don't start to get ready til long after the older three have left... this morning was a tad hectic nonetheless. It was still going well until I pulled off Elijah's pajamas just before it was time to leave. I should probably spare you this as well, but I won't. He had grapes last night at church. And apparently did little chewing. It was not pretty... and they went everywhere. EV.RY.WHERE. And there was no way I could clean him up w/o a bath... so in the tub he went. That was the first major delay.
Then we were actually getting out the door and I realized I had to take David's car (mine has the carseat and it doesn't work in his)... transfer djembe, folders, kids to David's car... car wouldn't start. It was b/c I wasn't turning the key "just right" but Abigail said "I told Daddy to get gas." So back inside I go, I tell David I don't have time to stop for gas, got my key... and left in my car after transfering everything back to it. The car not starting was a GOOD thing b/c as soon as I got on the on ramp to 430, I came to a total stop. Had I tried to push my luck in his car... we would have conked out in traffic. There was a wreck a mile up and we were at a standstill. The ambullance came up behind us and the cars split like the red sea. Took 20 min to go a couple miles.
BUT I got there :) Safe and sound... and my choir sang great. They only sang one song that I've taught them. Their assignment while I was at All State was to work on some praise songs with harmony. That's what they sang today. I love having students who can work on their own!
I came back home after that to rescue stranded David, print out some invitations I'm making for a baby shower, and then leave again so Elijah would get to school in time to play outside.
BLEH My classes went well, so the rest of the day was good... but the morning... UGH.

these aren't really hers... I cheated and googled for a picture...

The best neighbor in the world, Jill, emailed me to see if we had dinner plans and if not, she'd bring over some extra chicken enchiladas and spanish rice she had from a catering she did. MMMMMMM I'm tellin ya, they were the best I've ever had. My kids loved all of it too. David isn't a big fan of chicken, but even HE was raving. So, I will definitely have to get those recipes!
AND almost as good... she freed me up from fixin dinner so I was able to clean. My house was desparate for it. Downstairs is now liveable, but the upstairs still needs a LOT of love!


Alex and Jill said... deserved for someone to bring you dinner! You had a rough morning.

I'm glad you guys liked the enchiladas! I will email you the recipe.


Pretty Organizer said...

Whew! I'm exhausted after reading that! It seems that's the norm for a mom right? Maybe not car delays but always the unexpected and always the need to reinvent the plan on the fly. You did good girl!

You're right dummys don't graduate with Music degrees... I'm a little smart. Dumb enough to think that music was the greatest idea to major in since it didn't require advanced math or foreign language... DUMBO!! HELLLO!!! Theory is all about Math, Composition is MATH, Italian 6/4 chords MATH... Rhythm... MATH... stupidhead me. Many a sad night at Dennys with a very patient then boyfriend helping me compose something last minute over french fries and hot chocolate. Foreign language... even more lame brain of me. Instead of learning a foreign language, I had to take diction in 5 major languages and learn the Phonetic Alphabet and all the "rules" of pronunciation. Now I can pronounce 5 major languages but haven't a clue of what I'm saying. Geesh! Did I cheat myself! Should have taken that dang Spanish class!

Thanks for your sweet comment. Nice to have another music sista out there!

Pretty Organizer