Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NOT a good day

I don't know why, but students were just driving me bonkers today. Maybe the weather made them ultra annoying or me ultra irritable, I don't know which. Wasn't so bad at the high school, but when it was time for my elementary honor choir. OH. MY. They were sooooo hyper. And of course, I was trying to teach them a song that split into 4 parts, so yeah... I needed them to concentrate. Bleh. It is so hard knowing just how far you can push a group so that they are their very best, but not so hard that you frustrate them (and yourself). I think that is the hardest part of my job. I've been at it for 9 years at this school (taught in public schools 3 years before having kids). The make up of my choirs has changed every year and at the high school... they have been great this year rising to whatever challenge I put in front of them. But this is the first year for me to do an honor choir at the elementary. I want it to be challenging or there is nothing 'honor' about it, but I don't want to frustrate them to the point that they don't think they can accomplish what I've set out for them to accomplish. Live and learn though. They are doing great. Maybe today was just 'one of those days.' Whatever it was, it wore me out! I don't feel like doing squat right now. I don't see how women teach all day and ever get anything done at home. I love my job, love my students, but am SO GLAD I am part time!

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Denise said...

a) Nine years ago?! I was there for that.
b) Remember the nightmare my class was? Hope this irritating memory alleviates the strain of this day. ;)