Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girlfriend already?

I'm gearing up for birthday season. We have no birthdays in August-January (except of course, David's and mine, but we don't typically do anything exciting for our own). Isaac's is in February, Abigail's in March, Elijah's in May, and Noah's in July. Isaac is having a small party at Playtime Pizza. Basically, it was: invite the boys in your class for a Playtime Pizza party... or invite everyone for a Chuck E Cheese party. I decided the smaller party would be better... though I hate spending a fortune on birthday parties. It just seems inevitable. Everyone does it, therefore I must. I'll try to feel better by rationalizing that some people spend a lot more.
Isaac mentioned that he had to invite one little girl. I told him she'd be the only girl there. He said "she doesn't care." So then I thought I'd tease him by saying, "well, I guess you can invite her since she is your girlfriend," with the thinking that he'd laugh, get embarassed and say, "She's NOT my girlfriend!" But no, instead, he nodded in agreement, as serious as can be. So, there will be 8 little boys, plus one little girl, invited to his party (and of course the sibs).
Yesterday was a loooong day. I got up at 5:20 after a restless night of Elijahwaking. Took 3 students who qualified to audition for All State. They all auditioned in about the middle, so we got to leave at about 1:30. My mom was there with my step-dad and his choir students, so she called me with the results around 5:45. Only one student made it... but she made 5th chair! Since 750 or so audition at the region level... that's pretty remarkable, especially for a sophomore.
I had a good week except that I caught a cold. I managed to keep up with the downstairs at least... and I'm grateful b/c today I feel like doody.

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Alex and Jill said...

Girl, we're all about some big birthdays, as well. I always help with my nephews parties...we do pump it up (the adults love this one just as much as the kids), we've rented out war memorial a few times (the adults love this one as well). I'm thinking we'll be having one at Playtime Pizza this year, since there's so much to do there. Let me know how it is!