Saturday, February 14, 2009

VDay/Week in Pictures

Elijah eating Craisins

Elijah playing at church... during the time after I dropped Abigail off at piano but before going back to get her, and then returning for praise team practice/dinner/Bible Study.

he loves the blocks

coloring... on himself more than paper

Even in his mouth and nose...

making Noah's Valentine box...

ribbon, double sided tape, and raised sticky squares

I bought a bag of scrapbook paper scraps for a few dollars and covered the box.

The lid.

I put a piece of clear tape all along the tops of the paper squares to make the lid go on easier.

Noah put on all the stickers. I thought he did an excellent job on his name. I don't think I could have done any better.

It says "A friend is" and the descriptive words go along with that... it showed up better in reality :)

I also had about 375 of these shirts to sort and distribute after having gathered all the orders and counting them up the week before...

I think Elijah looks ADORABLE in his. I got one for the whole fam, we wore them to school yesterday, I washed them last night so we could wear them again today. David wouldn't wear his... he said he'd look like a dork.

Elijah put on Abigail's shoes and went for a walk...

I got to sleep in late this morning. Woke up to cleaning taking place downstairs by David and the kids. You could not buy me anything better. Abigail and David had also already gone to Fresh Market to buy steaks and dessert for dinner. David grilled them and they were PERFECT. I wrote a big "Happy Valentine's Day I love (all of) you!" on the driveway in sidewalk chalk for them when they came home from school yesterday. David parked on top of it, but the kids liked it :)
We also went to Target today for the kiddos to spend their $5 that they each got in a card in the mail from David's parents. Noah of course got football cards. Isaac got a Bakugan. Abigail got some new pencils and candy. Elijah got a bee that holds bubble solution that you blow thru to make bubbles and the wings spin.
Now the kiddos are in bed and we're about to watch a movie. Good night!


Alex and Jill said...

Your family is so cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

jensoup said...

I think the shirts are cute-and great idea for the v-day box!I'm not sure how to post a comment back to a comment on my post-help. Like if you make a comment on my post ,how do I post back to you??

becca said...

It is up to the commenter... that is one thing I don't like better (that, and adding pictures to a post) about blogger. The commenter has to check the box that says "email follow up comments to _______________" and then it lists your email. But I'm pretty sure that option is only available if you are logged into blogger.