Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot Springs

Since Thursday I've been in Hot Springs at the All State Music Conference. I had a student make 5th chair in the Alto section. David was home with the kiddos... first time for me to be away from Elijah. They decided to join me in Hot Springs on Friday since no one was staying in my room. My student's parents came up Thursday night so after 4pm on the first day, I didn't even have anyone to chaperone. I just attended meetings and listened to rehearsals. Friday night I had concerts to go to. My mom (who was there with my step-dad and his students from Ft Smith) watched Elijah while David took the other three swimming.

Then the fun began. After the concerts and swimming, we gave Elijah the cough medicine suggested by the doc the last time he was sick. I don't think we gave him any then though... and I will never give it to him again. I usually only give guafenisin (sp?). This was a combo Robitussin.

Something in it did not agree with him. He did not go to sleep until 1 or 2 am. Then he slept til 5am. It was not enjoyable. He wasn't just awake, he was unhappy and inconsolable. I was worried we'd get a knock on the door by the manager letting us know we were keeping everyone up on the floor. I felt so bad b/c I knew those around me had important concerts the next day and they needed to SLEEP! I was trying, but to no avail. David had taken Elijah walking around the hotel from around 11ish to 1ish. Then he got him at 5 am and took him driving around Hot Springs. He fell asleep in the car so David pulled up under the hotel and napped a bit til 7, then they went and enjoyed the buffet breakfast.... which is when the rest of us got up.

Sometimes I hate having a husband who doesn't sleep. But other times, it is unbelievably helpful!

I have to say, that was the worst night we've ever experienced with Elijah. And poor Abigail experienced it too. The boys were able to sleep thru much of it.

When we got back we had a fabulous surprise in our mailbox. Apparently David's student loan was paid off around last July. The loan company never sends me a bill unless I miss payments. I pay automatically thru the bank. I got a letter today with a $400 refund... I got a letter last week with a $100 refund. So that was a nice little $500 surprise.

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