Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dining Room

I get to participate in Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live" this week AND I used a better camera... borrowed, but better. Last week was the guest room and since mine is a playroom/guest room and doesn't do a good job at either... I skipped.
This is the table set for Thanksgiving.

I like my dining room. It is used more for homework and projects than dining and that is just fine by me. I did away with the eat in kitchen in lieu of an extra large bar. The bar can seat 7... which is a good thing since we are about to become a family of just that many. I'm not a "fru-fru" kind of girl. We eat in the dining room on occasion, but when all the stuff is right by the sink and the stove... "It's a good thing." I am all about practicality.

This is how it normally looks :) You can see the smaller rug that matches the one I have in the living room.

In the corner is a music box I got from my grandmother (dad's mom, same one who gave me the rugs). The table also belonged to her. The chairs are new. On the table is a tea set that belonged to my mom's aunt.

I love this thing. Still in perfect working condition. I have about 75 discs. My favorites are the Sousa discs b/c at the time they were made, it was contemporary music.

*edit* the comments on the red color prompted me to add this... It is Sherwin Williams Red Bay. We picked it off the card and went with it without painting a whole wall to be sure we liked it. Our builder warned us against doing that, but we felt confident that this was the right shade. The kitchen used to be painted this color as well. The downstairs bath is also this color. We have loved it. It has been the only color we have remained happy with since building 4 years ago. We changed the kitchen only b/c I decided I wanted it the same color as the family/living room since it opens up into it. *end edit*

Taken from the hall, by the front door. I have the table 'off center' like this b/c it allows more room from the front door to the kitchen. I move the table all the time, but for our daily activities, I like it pushed toward the other corner, freeing up space.

I love the table, but I'd like a big ol round one. This one is a drop leaf so it could be used for extra seating for the holidays and kept behind the couch.

That's it! Come back any time :)


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love your walls and the music box!

Watts Family said...

Pretty room. I love the red.

Many Blessings,


Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Nice room! I love the colours & the music box is really special! Thanks for sharing!

Angry Julie Monday said...

I love the color. It's the perfect shade of red for a dining room. Very soothing.

Creekmore's said...

I love the red and the music box is really cool. What a need thing to display.

Sara Campbell said...

Hey Becca, I didn't know you had a blog...can I list yours on my blogroll? Looks like we'll be mirror images...I had 4 girls, then a suprise boy.

Tara G. said...

I love the music box- and am thrilled you like Sousa (tpt perf. maj.)! The tea set is fantastic!

Myra said...

I love your dining room! The red is perfect and I really like the table at an angle! Very nice!

Kimberly said...

beautiful! love all the special touches! thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

I just love all of the details...the paint, the beautiful crown molding, and of course hardwood floors!

Chelsa said...

i've been wanting to do a red room!