Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Two years ago we weren't real sure how everything would work out, adding #4 five and a half years after #3. And now of course we can't imagine our family without him. He brings so much joy to all of us. The change he has made in the other kids has been the most fun to see. They adore their baby brother. He's our special little curly headed blonde. He wasn't real sure what to do with that candle... then we decided to blow it out for him since he's been sick.

We opened gifts first b/c no one had room for cake after the 4 racks of ribs we consumed :) How do you like my $5 non-maternity shirt from Wal-Mart? I have found several thin 100% cotton shirts in the junior dept. I just buy L or XL and they are working great for this ridiculous belly that shouldn't look like this at 19 weeks.

We celebrated with cousins.

His first gift was a Sesame Street submarine tub toy. He kept saying "Elmo! Elmo!"
This was not an office depot ink cartridge... it is a razorback tshirt.

Which he loved of course, but he was so excited about the Elmo toy he really didn't want to open anything else.

but we managed to keep him going...

and he liked it... but still wanted Elmo.

Clipping the many wires...

These are obviously not birthday related. Check out all my peaches :)

This is the Endless Summer hydrangea. The limelight blooms later, but it is more than twice the size of this guy. The ES came in a gallon sized pot. The limelight in a 2 inch pot. Both were planted 4 years ago.


Alex and Jill said...

Happy Birthday, E!!

My computer crashed a couple of days ago, so I'm just now reading this. :)

My belly is bigger than yours and I'm only 14 weeks...ugh.

becca said...

My belly doesn't look as big as it is in any of those pictures. I'll take a belly shot soon.
I think I'm gonna be picking peaches tomorrow... come get you some.