Thursday, May 28, 2009

Glass, smoothies, and peaches

Tuesday was the first day of break. It didn't go well. The kids were bored and I was exhausted by the middle of the day. Abigail cut up some cucumbers. She was sitting at the bar with Elijah snacking away when all of a sudden a loud crash/shattering was heard. We have no less than 6 cutting boards and she used the glass one... I had no idea. It went all over the kitchen and into the dining room and mud room. I vacuumed, then used a chenille microfiber mitt, and then mopped. I had been wanting to get rid of that cutting board for years. I bought it before having kids b/c it looked pretty sitting on the counter. I never use it. I use the plastic flexible kind. I'm glad it's gone, but wish I would have gotten rid of it long ago.
Today I made smoothies to go along with our feeble dinner since David wouldn't be home. I poured them, leaving the spoon inside the container and putting it back on the base. Bad idea. Elijah loves buttons. Especially red ones. Especially red ones that make a lot of noise when pushed. And this one even had the extra special side effect of splattering bright pink goo all over the ceiling, floor, and counters... and shooting a spoon out with it.
And then there are the birds that are eating my peaches. Dern them. I was picking the ones pecked into, not wanting the open peaches to invite pests, but then it just seemed to make the birds attack new, unharmed peaches. So now I'm leaving them. I won't have as many to can as I had hoped :( I found a recipe for peach butter... I hope I can at least make some batches of that for Christmas gifts. I'm always struggling for teacher gifts. The kids have so many... I don't want to do for one and not all, but even something that is as cheap as $2 adds up to over $50 when you count up their many teachers. SO I'd like to have something homemade that is worth getting.
I have my $.99 Wal Mart post season clearance scarecrow staked in the dirt. He's about the size of Abigail. I have no idea if he's doing any good, but I'm sure the neighbors are wondering why I've hauled out halloween decorations in May.


Alex and Jill said...

Bless your heart, you've had a day!

I actually was wondering why the scarecrow was up...makes perfect sense now. :) I hope he works at keeping the birds away from your peaches.


CP said...

Mmm, peach butter...