Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've got to do something...

This is the first time for me to have a toddler in a house that can't contain him. When Abigail and Noah were toddlers, we lived in a tri-level. I had a gate at the bottom of the stairs. Up half a flight of stairs was the kitchen, which overlooked the living room. So, it was very easy to watch them in the living room when I was in the kitchen... and that was the only room they had free reign in. We were in an apartment when Isaac was a toddler. It had 2 big master bedrooms, one upstairs and one down. The one upstairs was a playroom, with a gate. (the kids all slept in one bedroom downstairs... nothing in it but beds, and we were in the other master). THIS house... none of that is possible. I could gate off the playroom, but it is at the back of the house, other side of the mudroom. I can see in there from the kitchen... but I'm not thinking he'd be happy in there. Of course, the other kids had each other. Its not like they were ever alone anywhere. I'm going to have to try it though. This week has been crazy. I WAS able to put him in a play yard and turn on Sesame Street. He was happy and I could get some stuff done. NOT ANYMORE. He naps at preschool while I teach... so I really have not been able to do a thing. I have found a few moments when he would eat cocoa krispees in the high chair (nice time consuming task) but not enough.
I really wanted to get my shelves up this week, but all I had time to do was unwrap them from the bubble wrap! These are the shelves I originally ordered in February or so... but most of them were damaged. After MANY weeks of emailing customer service, I finally got the replacement shelves. And boy did they ever make sure they arrived safe and sound. I have enough bubble wrap to ship many sets of china. I couldn't bring myself to cut it off, so I unwrapped it and rolled it up. I have about 8 rolls that are over a foot in diameter.
So for Mother's Day I'd like to get these shelves put together so I can have ALL the books in the house in one spot. And some additional help to get this house in shape. :)

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Somebody's nesting. :)