Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resurrecting Gilmore Girls

I didn't watch Gilmore Girls until the show was in its last season. I DVRd the reruns. It was during the one year that I had no kids at home and was pregnant with Elijah. I loved that hour (actually, 45 min since I FF the commercials). The reruns were in the middle of the 3rd season. I got addicted quickly, had to borrow seasons 1-3 DVDs to catch up on what I'd missed. I went thru some withdrawal when the reruns had gone all the way thru season 6. I've yet to see season 7. I stopped DVRing it until they started showing the final season... but have forgotten to check to see if they are... until now. They are in season 6... anyone know if season 7 will follow? I started watching again... don't know why I'm surprised at how much I've forgotten.
Now if only Amy Sherman-Palladino and the WB would resurrect it.


Kelly said...

I watched I think all 6 seasons last year on dvr when i was pregnant - i watched an episode a night and got so addicted!!!! I love that show!

Alex and Jill said...

This was my all-time favorite show when it was still on...I've seen every episode, though I'm sure I have forgotten a lot. I LOVE it. I still watch re-runs every so often.

jensoup said...

One of my fav's -I always watched that and 7th Heaven on WB-my favorite flicks-was so sad when they were gone:(
waiting for tomorrow:)

The Davidson Den said...

I saw about five minutes of that show one night, and though I'd never seen it before, I could tell I would have easily become addicted to it had I run across it from its inception. Seemed so quirky, yet deep. I don't know.