Friday, May 15, 2009

Nothing exciting, just what I'm up to

This is late, but I still feel the need to mention that I'm sad Danny was voted off. I love Kris, him being an Arkie and a worship leader and all, but I just wasn't a fan. I've been a Danny fan from the start. I'm tired of Adam. But, I will say Tuesday's show will be a lot more exciting with Kris and Adam than if it were Kris and Danny. I wouldn't much care who won in that case. But, I will be cheering Kris on come Tuesday :)
TODAY was busy. But things are winding down. We had the dedication of the new building today. David had to get out to the high school early so I took the kids to school then finished getting ready in the car until I could drop Elijah off at 8:30. Went to school to get my room ready (I moved to a room in the new building, but the actual choir room is part of phase 2... we've just done phase 1)... they waxed the floors yesterday so I had some setting up to do. Then rehearsed my students who were singing in the ceremony... outside. Praise the Lord for a clear day of no rain, but I was H.O.T. Ceremony went well. Then had the usual Friday activity of selling pizza for the Junior class. Then took students from my other high school group to the church to rehearse for Baccalaureate/Graduation. We left later than I wanted to due to the different schedule b/c of the dedication... so that rehearsal was very rushed.
Tonight I went to a Premier jewelry show and got some cute ear rings... exactly like what I was wanting
TOMORROW I have to be at school at 9am for the Great Arkansas Talent Search and might go to the Greek Food Festival later. Sunday is of course church, then Baccalaureate at 3, and the children's choir is singing that night at church. Monday is ultrasound :) graduation that night and the last week of school. But then life should slow down a bit :) I'm ready for a break.


Geidlbots said...

Based on your registry, I'd say you think you're having a

jensoup said...

Wow-buzy lady.....any ideas on if your going to be teaching once babe comes?