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This one did a little better... except it looks like just a regular ol braid

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Banana and a haircut

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I was looking for a post that had this already typed up so I could "pin" it but couldn't find it... so I figured I'd best share how I make burgers so you all could be enlightened.  

I buy one of those big 5 lb "sausage" packs and slice it right thru the plastic sleeve.  There are usually lines on the package.  I cut about every other line to make big thick burgers and remove the plastic ring.

I sprinkle it with some kind of seasoning.  I'm not married to any particular kind.  I've used Old Bay, Emeril's, and combinations of my own.  Whatever I have.  

I use a charcoal grill.  Can't get the same flavor out of a gas grill... but whatever you have, get it hot.  It needs to sizzle.  

Put the patties on the grill and leave them alone.  Flip them til they are cooked halfway through.  They will be firm when you flip them.  If they want to fall apart when you start to flip... they aren't cooked enough.

It is best to flip them once.  Cook all the way through... and don't smoosh them!  There shouldn't be much give when they are cooked.  If they squoosh in the middle, they aren't done.  Takes about 5 minutes, but I've never been very good at timing... probably b/c I use charcoal and the temp isn't consistent :)

I take one off and cut it in half to be sure it is done... I split them for the little ones anyway. 

And that's that.  Saves a ton of time by not having to make patties. 

Monday, September 5, 2011