Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Sweet baby

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I knew I'd closed the door to Levi when I went downstairs. It was open when I came back up here. I found this guy on the bed. I guess Abigail got Elijah and put him back in bed. Levi didn't wake up.
The first week back went well- and thankfully was a 4 day week due to the ice we received. I've been trying to feed Levi at 8:30am before leaving but he's not really hungry yet. Tomorrow I won't unless he actually IS hungry. I didn't feed him before going to church this morning and he didn't get hungry til 10. He eats during the night. Not real sure when bc I don't have a clock in this bonus room. Have my blackberry but the light wakes me up if I look at it. I prefer to go right back to sleep :). One of the benefits of co-sleeping and breastfeeding- you don't really wake up to feed.
Did I mention E is in a toddler bed? It is in Abigail's room. Levi and I will go back to the Master at some point but David goes to bed so much later. Levi is not a hard sleeper. You'd think he would be with 4 loud siblings.
I have so much going on- coming up with a post should be easy. I forget the things that cross my mind to blog about though. I think I should just copy and paste my tweets since I'm twittering so much- blogging is a bit harder on my blackberry... Which is about all I use these days.
Campaign is going well. David has something he has to do to just about every evening. He is usually home when the kids go to bed thank goodness bc I sometimes get stuck with Levi.
I am grateful my mom is coming to watch E and L more than ever. With David being gone so much she is even a bigger help than I'd expected. It is really hard to get everything done that needs doing now that I'm back at work. It was hard before but now I've lost a few hrs in my day. She does the cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Boring post all typed out on my blackberry while Levi sleeps soundly next to me :)
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How cute am I?

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Out for an evening stroll

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That's all ice- no snow.

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Chicken Pot Pie

My first week back went well and had the added bonus of being a short week. My mom went home yesterday (after making enchilladas for us- they were WONDERFUL) due to the expected ice. I didn't figure we'd have school and if we did- the littlest ones could have gone to church. It wasn't bad this morning- but it is bad now!
Levi seems to be waiting for me before he eats much. He'll take a bottle but not much from it. Its allowing me to stockpile the milk. I pump more than he takes and still have plenty to feed him when I get home.
I made the chicken pot pie a friend made for me after I had Elijah. I got the recipe years ago but lost it. Found it when I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. I don't like pot pie but LOVED this one. It is in a pan from my childhood. My mom got it 41 years ago from my dad's sister! She didn't want it anymore. Also made bread- gonna take a loaf to my neighbor in a second. And spinach salad with lemon poppyseed dressing. My friend made a spinach/strawberry salad with the chicken pot pie. I LOVED the dressing and had never tasted anything like it.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My choir will be featured in the Tim Janis production 'Celebrate America' on March 16 :)
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

While at Walmart...

Levi and Daddy
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Went to the store today without kids. It is easier without them, but I get strange looks when I talk to myself. Guess they figure I'm reciting my grocery list to a child (even Levi) when they are with me- but nope. I'm telling myself what to get so I don't forget. I make lists- but still forget.
All went well- didn't evn get called from home asking how much longer I'd be- until I reached the check out line. An elderly man (who appeared to be with a group from a shelter) commented on my very full cart. I was trying to be friendly and said something about not having the kids with me so it made it easier to get a lot. That started the conversation (and the line was long). He asked how many kids I had and said I was still radiant after I'd told him I had five. I wasn't uncomfortable- yet. I was still trying to be nice and asking God to allow me to show him Christ somehow. But then he started talking about going down the wrong road and how he can't meet a nice woman like me. Then I started to get uncomfortable and really wanted to change the direction of the conversation but it wasn't happening. He said he had flings with women 'you don't want to bring home to your mama.'. Aaaahhhhh! So then I started texting David with 'Call me NOW.'. He called and we talked til the men were gone. He was in the parking lot when I left AND THEN I was approached by another man! I think he was just asking for money but I cut him off before he said more than 'excuse me' (was on phone with David). But COME ON! I never have these things happen. Of course, I usually have children with me which is kinda scary to think about but maybe they keep the freaks away from me.
I wanted to just be friendly with an older man (he was actually just 55- he told me- but looked a lot older) and ended up a bit on the freaked out side with WAY too much info!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

E likes it too

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Someone likes his activity seat!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

$35 on 35th birthday?

How 'bout it? Help me wish hubby a happy birthday by contributing to his campaign. ANY amount is appreciated.

Happy Birthday David!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are about to change

And I'm not real happy about it. This is my last week home. I have treasured my long maternity leave and am grateful that I got to spend 3 months with Levi. I think I've been away from him (church nursery while I played volleyball, sitter while I taught honor choir, with dad while I ran to store) for a total of maybe 10 hours. I can't stand leaving a wee one. I'm so glad my mom will be coming to watch him (and Elijah) 3 days a week and he'll be at church (where David is) the other two days. But it still isn't me.
I've enjoyed spending more time with Elijah too. We usually sit on the couch and watch some preschool show after the others leave for school. I drink my coffee and he squooshes right up next to me. I'm going to miss that too. When I start school... I'll be dashing about getting ready and getting a few chores done before leaving at 9. I'll be home by 12:30 each day... and am glad that is all I teach... but still... not the same.
I love my job and I'll get used to it, I'm just having a bit of a pity party thinking about it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

March for Life

Today has been a busy one. We did not go to church bc David's brother (a photographer) was able to come up to take pictures. Today was the only day we could do it. David needs to have his information cards made. As you can imagine, taking a photo of a family of 7 is difficult. Mark did a great job though.
From there we went downtown to march to the Capitol for the Right to Life. It was a beautiful day so turnout was great. E had not napped- he was very tired. He was in a stroller, but not up for waiting thru the speakers. Levi also got hungry. David and Noah were way up by the podium. The rest of us stopped below bc of the stairs. I was afraid I was trapped but we made it out of the crowd and over to the side where I could sit and feed Levi.
We saw the Duggars there. We passed I think all of them (saw the grandbaby), they were on the side cheering everyone on. Then Jim Bob was up on the steps afterwards. I wanted to have a picture taken with him- he knows David bc he read his columns in the NW Ark Times. He was being interviewed by someone though. Abigail wanted to go meet the daughters.
We were home for less than an hour then left for church. We're doing some fun family nights so I got to play volleyball :). I've missed it.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny How God Works

December was a crazy month. You didn't hear a whole lot from me b/c I really didn't know what was going on. The direction we thought we were going changed, often. I thought we were going to be on the crazy road of a US Senate campaign. One week later, we find out Mr. Reed has to drop out due to health problems. It was a shock. But I didn't for once think that David becoming his campaign manager was the wrong decision. There were too many things that happened to indicate it was right- not the least of which was the change that took place in me. I went from "HECK NO!! I can't be left alone with 5 kids while you run a campaign!" to being totally on board and excited about it.
So when it was over, I still didn't think it was the wrong decision, I just thought there was something else David was supposed to do. I have thought since the day I met him that he would run for office. I think anyone who knows him thought the same thing. You'd think he made friends with the world b/c he would one day need their vote (and their contribution!) but nope! That is just how he is. He had gone down the journalism road and thought he'd stay on it. He quit all of it for the campaign and couldn't return. So that forced him to decide what road he wanted to be on. The journalism side that helps form opinions (when there aren't many conservatives doing that) or the governing side that represents those opinions.
So here we are. He's on the governing road. I wanted to post before he announced but that didn't happen. Here is a link to the speech he gave at the capitol. You can see all the kids are with him at the beginning, but Elijah quickly runs off to join David's parents on the side. Abigail goes back and forth a bit to check on him. Isaac is up there most of the time, but he's short and gets lost behind the podium. He almost interrupted David b/c he wanted to speak too. He wanted to share the speech he wrote in school on immigration. Noah is thrilled about it all and would like to run himself. And Levi stayed happy. Can't ask for more than that! I thought Levi would sleep and was worried when he woke up b/c I knew it was close to feeding time.
I linked to his campaign site before. Right now there isn't much there, but there will be more later. If you are in our district, vote for him in the primary on May 18 :) And if you can contribute, you can do that at his site.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update coming. This afternoon- I hope!
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Monday, January 11, 2010


He doesn't like to stop long enough for a picture
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I smelled a 'stronger than should have been' bread smell as I came downstairs after doing some laundry. 'Uh oh' hit me and unfortunately what I thought happened, did. The temptation was too much to bear and my formerly formed rolls became play doh.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My sale diapers

For this happy baby

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shop mark.
affordable and trendy
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am so glad that I did not return to school after the break. I would have dreaded Christmas coming b/c I would have known "the end was near." I REALLY don't want to leave Levi. I don't want to leave Elijah either, but he enjoys going other places. He loved preschool. I don't like leaving a newborn ever. I don't even like leaving him with Daddy! I think of the newborn age as a transitional stage after pregnancy :) He's my little joey. Praise the Lord my mom is coming down 3 days a week to watch him. That will make it much better... but that first day I will take both of them to church. It's going to be tough. I'll have to tell Daddy to walk by his room often to check on him. I know he'll be fine, but I'll be a bit neurotic. (if any students happen to read this... know that and be extra nice that first week :)
TODAY was a tough one. It would have been fine if I didn't have anything I was trying to get done... but I did. I needed to get music ready for honor choir. I shouldn't have waited til the last minute, but I thought Levi would sleep for a while in the morning like he usually does. He didn't. He just cat napped. I got everything done, barely. The hair was scrunched b/c I sure didn't have time to get myself ready :)
I got a sitter for Elijah and Levi during Honor Choir. She watched them at church. David is busy and really doesn't have time to watch Elijah in his office. I have taken Levi with me every week except for that first one back when I left him with David (David came home that time to watch E) and he cried a bunch :( He has slept every time I took him with me. I just had a bad feeling about taking him with me. If he cried, there isn't much I can do except send Abigail out with him... and I need her singing! So, I got a sitter to reduce the stress on both David and I. Levi didn't stay asleep so it is a good thing! He was awake the entire time.
We got a futon for the playroom-turned-guest-bedroom. It's one of those that has a spring mattress (from Sam's). It's comfy. I had two mattresses stacked on top of each other before... it was real attractive :) Counting the mattresses under upstairs beds, we now have 12 places we could sleep people NOT counting couches, cribs, or blow up beds. More than that if we put all our kids in our king. They'd fit :)
We ate dinner at El Chico after Honor Choir. The waiter was very good and in return got LOTS of pleases, thanks yous, and yes sirs from my kids. When we were leaving, he told David and I that our kids were very well behaved. He said he has 3 and struggles with them and we have 5. He said "my hat is off to you." That was nice to hear. The kids meals come with GIANT bowls of jello with whipped cream. That won them over!
My tree is still up :( I really want to be finished with all the other stuff I'm trying to do before tackling that job. The Rockefeller tree comes down January 7. Hopefully mine won't be up longer than that. David likes it up. He'd be thrilled if it could stay up til his birthday Jan 21!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rocks in my coffee

Went to make a second cup and this is what I found when I took the lid off of my 'rinse and reused' mcdonalds coffee cup.
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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Recognize the fabric? Same as the diaper bag. I ordered a lot bc I was going to cover his carseat- but then found a cover I liked at TJMaxx. Did a patchwork bc it wasn't long enough. It is made of 4 checkerboard squares in the toille/stripe and one piece of the bubble print all the way across the top. I sewed ribbon across the bottom. Will do the same on the sides if I ever remember to buy more.
I mounted two bars of hooks on the wallspace and 3 individual hooks on each door. I also got another shoe rack to stack on the one I already had. Finally a place for everything! Coats don't fit in their lockers with their backpacks... and we don't keep shoes in our rooms bc we are all barefoot until we walk out the door :)
Did that yesterday. Today I *started* working on the old playroom. It will be a guest bedroom. I'd moved most of the toys to the bonus room but not all. Working thru the rest. I moved my sewing stuff to the closet. Need to get a chest of drawers like the one I bought for toys for sewing stuff. They have one that isn't as wide that should fit. Got the mattresses that have been a poor excuse for a bed stowed under upstairs beds. Will be getting a Serta futon- hopefully tomorrow. Have to wait for friend with truck :) THEN I will tackle the office.
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Good Morning

My view. Levi propped up in lap, Abigail making faces at him so he'd laugh. She didn't know I was going to take a piture. She thought I was just checking email :)
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas/New Year/Today

We had a great Christmas. I hope you all did too. It was busy though! I'm finally caught up on laundry. When your house is basically a pit stop from one location to the next with no time to do laundry... it piles up quickly. My last load of clothes is in the dryer and a load of towels is in the wash. Of course, there is already another load to do now that it is a new day... but such is life with 5 kids.
TODAY this house has to get in order and that requires everyone pitching in. Hopefully that will go well. The biggest mess maker of them all is the one who likes to pitch in the least (I'll keep you guessing on who that is ;)
We went to David's parents Christmas Day. The day after my SIL and I hit some sales. I got the kids each a Hallmark ornament and one for us. Also got Levi a stocking like the rest of us :) Then went back to David's parents for a while. Then we figured David's mom needed a break so his brother and fam came to our house for a while.
After they left, I packed for my parents. We left right after church w/o coming home first. Had a good time with my side of the fam for a couple days and were back here on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty laid back days. Just trying to catch up on stuff (LAUNDRY). I did take all the kids to Walmart to get organizing stuff. I got some shelves for the playroom and a tower with wide drawers.

I plan on taping pictures on the inside of the drawer (so they show on the outside, but won't get messed up... or peeled off) to show what goes in it. I like that there are deep drawers and narrow drawers. Those top drawers will be perfect for little people, matchbox cars, small blocks. I may have to get another tower :)
I also got two sets of hooks for the mudroom. They have lockers but they don't hold backpacks AND coats. Should have made them a lot bigger... but I designed it 5 years ago and didn't think about how big their backpacks would be. Hooks will help tremendously.
You should have seen us coming out of Walmart. I was pushing a cart with Levi and the smaller stuff in it, pulling a cart with the tall tower in it with Noah helping to push it as well. Abigail was pushing Elijah in a stroller, and Isaac... well, we're good if he just walks out instead of running and sliding on his knees whenever he gets the chance...
Last night we went to some friends' house. They were missionaries in Thailand but are now back in the states. They have 3 girls and a boy (around 13, 11, 9, and 7). The boy is Noah's age. But they also had their niece who is Elijah's age. They were SO cute. Holding hands walking around. Really precious. 10 kids and 4 adults and we were able to just sit around and talk. The kids all played together so well. We didn't have to get involved at all (except to change the occasional diaper :) Levi was happy too, even though he was awake most of the time. I thought he'd sleep, but I guess he didn't want to miss anything. We stayed til about 11. I was surprised we lasted that long.
Kids slept in a little this morning but I'm thinking naps for all. But first...

CLEAN UP THIS MESS! (ok, first donuts, then shower, THEN clean up this mess...)