Sunday, January 24, 2010


Went to the store today without kids. It is easier without them, but I get strange looks when I talk to myself. Guess they figure I'm reciting my grocery list to a child (even Levi) when they are with me- but nope. I'm telling myself what to get so I don't forget. I make lists- but still forget.
All went well- didn't evn get called from home asking how much longer I'd be- until I reached the check out line. An elderly man (who appeared to be with a group from a shelter) commented on my very full cart. I was trying to be friendly and said something about not having the kids with me so it made it easier to get a lot. That started the conversation (and the line was long). He asked how many kids I had and said I was still radiant after I'd told him I had five. I wasn't uncomfortable- yet. I was still trying to be nice and asking God to allow me to show him Christ somehow. But then he started talking about going down the wrong road and how he can't meet a nice woman like me. Then I started to get uncomfortable and really wanted to change the direction of the conversation but it wasn't happening. He said he had flings with women 'you don't want to bring home to your mama.'. Aaaahhhhh! So then I started texting David with 'Call me NOW.'. He called and we talked til the men were gone. He was in the parking lot when I left AND THEN I was approached by another man! I think he was just asking for money but I cut him off before he said more than 'excuse me' (was on phone with David). But COME ON! I never have these things happen. Of course, I usually have children with me which is kinda scary to think about but maybe they keep the freaks away from me.
I wanted to just be friendly with an older man (he was actually just 55- he told me- but looked a lot older) and ended up a bit on the freaked out side with WAY too much info!

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jensoup said...

....only at Walmart...hehe! That stinks,I've had wierd things like that happen too...always at Walmart!

The Davidson Den said...

Wow. I'm freaked out for you just reading about it!