Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am exhausted! Decided to have a campaign party here Tuesday night bc it would be more enjoyable to not have to worry about the kids. I didn't want to lug them out to a restaurant or hotel. I'd be miserable. Didn't want to leave them out either. But that meant some serious cleaning had to be done with no time to do it. I have been so busy and even when I *am* home I really can't do much bc of Levi and Elijah. Last week was a blur. Stayed home from church Wednesday night to work. Had a lifechamps (N & Is play, David coaches) football game Thursdau that I thought we had to win or we'd have a game election night. We lost. But turns out we're still #2 so we got a buy and don't play til Thursday in the play-offs.
Friday had a HS football game- choir does alma mater/nat'l anthem. But my mom had come down so she got a lot done Friday with no kids in the house.
Saturday I left at 6am and didn't return til 8pm. All Region auditions- at the worst possible time. My mom had the kids while David campaigned. Boys helped him some.
Stayed home this morning. Felt bad about it but I just had to. Worked til about 3:30 solid then started getting everyone ready for halloween. Got home around 8 and got to work again. Still not done- but getting there! Will be worth it when my house is clean from top to bottom- that NEVER happens. Wouldn't be able to do it had my mom not come down. She has worked hard too and will be worn out by Wednesday I'm sure!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am at all region molding away... My mom has Levi, Elijah, and Abigail. Older boys are campaigning with David.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Story on David's race

Story on the District 31 race from Page 4 of the Arkansas section of today's Democrat-Gazette...


Focus in District 31 on education, taxes
In House bid, candidates shun attacks

Friday, October 29, 2010

LITTLE ROCK — In the final days leading up to Tuesday’s election, candidates for Arkansas House District 31 have been working day and night to reach as many of their potential constituents as possible.

The District 31 seat was vacated by Republican Dan Greenberg after he decided to run for state senator for District 22. Greenberg lost to Jeremy Hutchinson in the Republican primary.

Democrat Debbie Murphy and Republican David J.Sanders, both of Little Rock, won primary elections to vie for the district that encompasses west Little Rock, western Pulaski County and much of rural Saline County.

Both say a key priority should be to cut spending in order to fill budgetary shortfalls.

The main task for staterepresentatives is to help create and approve a budget that will continue to keep government offices operating.

Murphy said she would not be opposed to raising taxes if elected.

“I believe there are wasted resources right now, and I would like to make sure those issues are addressed,” Murphy said via e-mail.

She said she would try tofind creative ways when approaching the budget, “while reserving raising taxes as the last option.”

Sanders said he signed a pledge that he wouldn’t raise taxes.

He added that Arkansas already has “the highest tax rates in the region.”

Sanders and Murphy have experience in education and said it is one of the areas they would focus on if elected.

Murphy said in a phone interview that school districts should be able to offer tax incentives to small businesses who volunteer at schools.

She also thinks charter schools in Arkansas help the educational system.

Sanders agrees.

“High standards are important,” he said. “Academic excellence always precedes academic excellence.” *** (see below)

Abortions rights is one issue where the two differ.

“We should do everything we can as a state to protect innocent life - be it the unborn or elderly,” Sanders said. “I am the only pro-life candidate in the race.”

Murphy said that more should be done to address unwanted pregnancies, but that abortion is a personal decision between a woman and her physician.

Though the candidates represent competing parties who commonly attack each other, neither has engaged in any “mudslinging.”

Both said they agreed after winning their respective primaries that they would run their campaigns on the issues without attacking each other.

Arkansas, Pages 14 on 10/29/2010

*** mis-quote- The quote should have been "Expectations for academic excellence always precedes academic excellence.”

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mrs Shana and Levi on hayride

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Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm not tired

Levi naps from 12-2 and is then tired at 7... which sounds great, except he doesn't want to go to BED at 7, he wants to nap. Then he wakes up a couple hours later and has no desire to go back to bed. Makes for oh so fun nights.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Eagles!

Noah and Isaac have been playing LifeChamps flag football. David is the coach. Noah is the quarterback. Makes Sundays a lot of fun and let me tell you... I LOVE watching them play. Knowing how the game is played, but not really enjoying it... pays off watching them. Noah does a great job as QB too. He is so calm and throws extremely well. Of course, without receivers that ability doesn't do any good... and they have a team full of great players. Today's game was a little more intense. They have won most of their games, but lost to the team we were playing today. If we won, then their next game would be Nov 4. If we lost... it'd be Nov 2. That's a wee bit of an important date in this household! They had to win. The weather was bad, but it wasn't raining... it was just mushy. Noah was throwing great. They lost the last time b/c defense had trouble finding the ball and getting the flags. They had a lot of trick plays. Didn't have the trouble this time. It was almost halftime and the score was 13-12 Eagles (though I thought it was 13 all). David was screaming "GET ON THE BALL" after each play b/c he wanted to score before the half and had seconds. Heard one guy say "it'll be ok coach." ha! I was anxiously watching too and the HS coach (friend of David's, there watching) came over and said something like "it's just little league." Don't remember exactly what he said... but I explained to him and anyone I could that it wasn't just winning... it was not wanting a game election night. Tim Griffin was even there (he's running for US Congress, 2nd district). Kinda funny. Last week Mark Darr was there (he's running for Lieut-Gov).
Noah threw the ball, Robert caught it and got in for a TD, but the ref called it down half a yard before the goal line. So David is screaming and they go at it again... Noah is amazing. He remains so calm. He found his man, threw it and perfect... in the end zone. Half time. Lightning starts... they call it due to weather. SO YEY No game election night. That would have been horrid.
We're having a VICTORY party here that night. We should probably be here. I can't imagine being at a game when so much is going on that night! It will be a fun night though. CAN'T WAIT!!
AND THEN that Thursday... I'm taking students to see Wicked! That will be soooo fun. It's a matinee. I'll be at their game :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

At Amelia's party

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So grateful that I no longer experience the frustrations with my choirs that I did then. Glad senior members have usually been in choir for several years and have those basic behaviors down.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Lets see... Monday choir sang at Beta Club/NHS induction and for the most part it went really well. But since I did not see my choir since the Wednesday before, I didn't get to prepare them for their first performance in the same manner as usual... I didn't have time to say "if the person behind you messes up, keep the same expression on your face and no one will notice... do NOT turn around and look at them." Yes, I usually do say that... and Monday night was the perfect example as to WHY.

Tuesday I got a stomach bug... was sick ALL day... just felt horrible. You'd think after sleeping all day long and then all night I'd feel rested, but I'm still tired. I think its from not eating.

And tonight was my first night to not be in choir rehearsal. I went to Student Matrix and thoroughly enjoyed it. I gotta ask Chris about something he said b/c I was a little confuzzed by it... but enjoyed it all nonetheless :) I love listening to him teach. I wish I could hear him more.

This weekend is OBU homecoming :) I'm soooo excited. All the kiddos are going to Tiger Tunes with us Friday at 5 (go Tri Chi and Kappa Chi) and we'll be at the game the next day.


Sunday, 16 October 2005
I put the kids in bed and prayed with Abigail. She asked God to help the dog stop scratching and all the fish live. I thought we were going to be the sole fish owners who kept all of them. I thought maybe since they were added to an already existing tank they just might live. We had no casualties for a week... but mr floaty was waiting for me.

more old posts...

Played "I Spy" on the way home from Ron and Kathy's. That game is a lot of fun with little kids who are soooo obvious. Isaac would always always always spy whatever was the most obvious thing within eyesight. "I spy somesing with my widdle eyes somesing green." Um, the big sign over the highway? "RIGHT!!!"

Did a personality test while at my inlaws (David's brother, brother's wife and their kids were there and my sis in law had the tests) and discovered I was "Orange." The description was pretty dead on too. Said I could sell anything and that is most definately NOT true and it said I'm not likely to finish something and when I get mad I run away... not true b/c I don't typically give up very easily... but everything else was accurate. It was interesting b/c it told you how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you... both seemed right and both were SO different. Shows you how your actions can be so easily misunderstood. I didn't know that musicians are most often orange til after I took the test... that was interesting.

Tomorrow youth choir sings in church and I'm singing "Call On Jesus." I don't like both those things falling on the same Sunday. I like to worry about one thing at a time :) I DID go over David's part with him... he is ready and promises to sing out. Y'all will be great :)

Maggie in the house

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm one!!!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reading the post dated 10/13/05... I have to laugh. If you would have told me then that in 4 years I'd be giving birth to my 5th child... I never would have believed it! Nor would have believed I'm even busier now than then!

Monday, 10 October 2005

Well volleyball was a blast until 8:31... right after I leave the gym to pick up the kids from the nursery... david does something to his ankle. Not real sure what, but we don't think its broken. There was a trainer who was playing... she was real helpful. It swelled up in no time. He's on the couch now with it all elevated. I'm bummed b/c I had actually convinced him to go to the fair tomorrow and now we can't :( but I'm glad its not broken. And I'm glad he had some leftover pain meds.

Tuesday, 11 October 2005
I'm really thinking my grandma would want me to wear her square dancing outfit for western day tomorrow. The question is whether or not I bring clothes to change into before going to church...

...edit (10/12/05)...

Conversation with Isaac after picking him up from school

Isaac: I want to go to church.
Me: We are, we're just running home to change first.
Isaac: Why?
Me: Because I look silly.
Isaac: (laughing) oh yeah.

Tomorrow my mom turns 60

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Tomorrow my mom comes to babysit while David and I go to the Casting Crowns concert. She's coming early and will be at school tomorrow... yey. I had a melt-down last night b/c of everything going on in this crazy house of a home right now (stomach bugs, husband with broken foot)... and everything else I had to do (children's choir, adult choir [one last time] and had to go on a field trip with noah today) and of course Fridays are always bad with music at isaac's school in the morning, then pizza thru lunch, and my classes after that... and then all region auditions will occupy my entire saturday, youth choir is singing Sunday, I'm singing a solo with the choir, and high school choir is singing Monday night. But all will be fine I'm sure. It always is.

Crazy hat day at school.

Not too crazy- but he loves it.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh yes kitten earned his place in this house. You go girl! (boy?)

(that would be a mouse under that paw)

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


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How E eats a hot dog...

Then asks for more relish.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday, 09 October 2005
Ashlee Simpson "wrote" a song that sounded an awful lot like Jewel's "Who Will Save My Soul" and got her a new mic.

Song went well this morning... no one walked out. Some even came up and said they liked it.

Grey's Anatomy's Cristina didn't have an abortion. I was worried I was going to have to abstain from my favorite show.

And so is there no Sadie Hawkins? I'm not hearing anything about it and am just slightly upset. My grandmother died a month and a half ago and I have one of her square dancing outfits... complete with knee length ruffled bloomers!!!... ready to romp.
Saturday, 08 October 2005

Well no one else has gotten sick. Usually 24 hours after the 1st child throws up, #2 throws up... and #3 24 hours after that. So far so good.

Went to the fall festival at church this morning. Rode a horse with Noah and Isaac. Wee

David and I are singing "Praise You in the Storm" tomorrow for a class of 70yrs+ folk. I'm listening to it now b/c we forgot about it. That should be interesting. I pray they listen to the words and not let the beat close their ears.

I'm still tired from Thursday night even though I got to sleep til 9 this morning... in exchange for David going to the Razorback game tonight.

I want to watch a good movie on TV tonight... so I hope the kids go to bed early and something is on Pay Per View that I want to see! Last movie I saw at the theater was that Pants movie with Denise and her Logos crew. You'd think living a block away I'd go more often... but nope. I don't really have anyone to go with. My friends go to bed at 9 and I prefer going to late movies w/o David.... cheaper when he's home with the kids!

I'm so glad Contemporary Christian music has improved. It went thru a real dead period when it was just BORING. There is a lot of stuff I like now.


wow! I love it when all the kids go down super easy. That NEVER happens. Isaac usually gets up 3 times at least. They even went down early! Yes... I am a happy woman.

Your nose is no longer like a pickle, bumpy and long... it has been replaced with "Per Te" by Josh Groban. It is in Italian... but with a voice like that... who needs words? For those who do... here is some of the translation:

For you I will live, the love will win
With you I will have one thousand days of happiness,
one thousand nights of serenity
I will do what you ask
I will go where you go
I will give all the love I feel for you

... last edit I promise...

David showed me that I have a picture of me on the computer... didn't know that. So, the singing viking lady is gone.

Bout to watch Ashlee Simpson on SNL
Well today was fun... ha. Ran around and accomplished nothing. But that's ok. There are worse things I could have been doing. The location for jr/sr really needs to be decided a full year in advance. I got a blister on my toe from running 4 blocks on capitol in high heeled shoes. Didn't hurt at the time... but it sure does now :(

Going to Catholic's game tonight. David is friends with someone whose son plays there... and he has a 4 yr old. We thought we'd cheer Wesley in the band :)

I have decided to take a break from choir (adult choir at church). That will be weird for me. I've always been in choir at church... from First Baptist Fort Smith to First Baptist Malvern to Immanuel in Little Rock... and now 7 years at LRFBC, with only a few weeks off whenever I had a baby. But Noah needs me in the pew right now, so that's where I'm going to be.


my night was oh so much fun. Noah got a stomach bug... first one this household has gotten in over a year. Guess our house is fully broken in now. All the phenegren had expired :( After going to bed at 12...I got up at 2 with him throwing up every 15 minutes. Cycle didn't slow down til 5:30. Now it will probably go thru us all this weekend. Joy joy joy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sat on my rear

Elementary Picnic... never thought Isaac would be so enthralled by a Radio Disney DJ. My little Ikey, along with several other under 9ers... part of the first on-campus dance at AB.

Abigail took off with a friend and did everything w/o us. Noah chatted away on the bleachers with a pal. I sat on my rear and had 2 bar b que sandwiches. Some of y'all have no idea how nice that is. After so many years of always having a child to chase, it is really nice to sit back and just watch them play... of course, that would explain that 5 lbs gained over the summer... but I DID go to volleyball and get a little exercise :) Every one of my 20 or so serves was good, I was happy about that :)

Decided to use the "To Play or Replay" script for the Madrigal Dinner. So all y'all who have done that before, come see it :)


Sunday, 02 October 2005
We often add the kids' last name when we are ultra impressed with them, not just when they are in trouble... Noah, who had been asking us to unbunk his bed for months, went in his room to find unbunked beds and said, "Mommy Sanders, you did gooooooooooooooood!!!!" He also prayed today at lunch and said "Lord please help us to persevere in everything we do"-- then stops and asks everyone at the table--"do you know what persevere means? Its a big word that means 'keep on keeping on'" -- then goes back to praying--" and help us to have a good day, amen." LOL he said he heard it on Veggietales... I was still impressed that he knew how to use it in prayer :)

Isaac has a hicky on his mouth. He must have put a cup over his mouth and sucked all the air out while in the nursery today. I was trying to wipe the purple off and realized it wasn't going to come off. It keeps getting darker.

And lets see.... Abigail... I'll come back and edit b/c I'm sure she'll do something today worth writing down.

Youth choir today... 4:45 :)
So I completely forgot about copying old posts from my xanga to here... I can't even keep up with THAT!
Wow, I've let 2 whole days go by w/o updating. :)

Thursday night we went to Toxic Audio... it was really interesting. Hysterical. I had to buy a CD just for the full version of this song.

Found out why the sound system didn't work last week for the Nat'l Anthem. The channel we were plugged into quit working sometime after the sound check. We had to plug into the announcer's channel, so he had to unplug himself, plug us in, then plug himself in again to speak. We are so high tech. Now they know it was not due to the mike not being on. Duh... really... no one is that stupid. Especially when the switch is right by your finger and you can feel to see if it is on. David said it sounded good though... and he is typically brutally honest, so I believe him. It's hard for me to judge down on the field... I can't hear well. Guys played well... didn't win, but they put up a good fight :) If only there were more time on the clock right before halftime... I'm sure they would have won.

Isaac just left the kitchen, sneaking up the stairs. I thought he was sneaking some french toast up there and I told him he need not sneak, he can have it. So he comes back down with something shoved down his pants. Not french toast... a bag of chocolate chips.

Today is cleaning day. My arms hurt from waxing my tub.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anyone want this sweet little guy?

We'll keep the mom- don't really want to keep both of them.
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Scarecrow family

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitten has finally stopped running away as soon as he sees us

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Thanks DP!

David P got me a ton of disposable travel cups! He is so good at birthday gifts. I am always losing the travel mugs I usually use and these are great- well insulated. Also wasn't ready to fully give up the 80s- had to sport a side ponytail.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Wow, this mom is still nursing!

Bad pic, but I was surprised when I opened door and saw the kitten nursing- how long do cats usually nurse??
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Last one

Bridesmaid dress at cousin's wedding
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My mom made it

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10th grade prom

Yes- I was that little.
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I wore this to 9th grade prom

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Oh yeah I kept some.

Pretty sure Abigail could wear these now.
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If size 2 or 0 I can hook you up

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Friday, October 1, 2010

He loves playing with the mist

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