Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, 08 October 2005

Well no one else has gotten sick. Usually 24 hours after the 1st child throws up, #2 throws up... and #3 24 hours after that. So far so good.

Went to the fall festival at church this morning. Rode a horse with Noah and Isaac. Wee

David and I are singing "Praise You in the Storm" tomorrow for a class of 70yrs+ folk. I'm listening to it now b/c we forgot about it. That should be interesting. I pray they listen to the words and not let the beat close their ears.

I'm still tired from Thursday night even though I got to sleep til 9 this morning... in exchange for David going to the Razorback game tonight.

I want to watch a good movie on TV tonight... so I hope the kids go to bed early and something is on Pay Per View that I want to see! Last movie I saw at the theater was that Pants movie with Denise and her Logos crew. You'd think living a block away I'd go more often... but nope. I don't really have anyone to go with. My friends go to bed at 9 and I prefer going to late movies w/o David.... cheaper when he's home with the kids!

I'm so glad Contemporary Christian music has improved. It went thru a real dead period when it was just BORING. There is a lot of stuff I like now.


wow! I love it when all the kids go down super easy. That NEVER happens. Isaac usually gets up 3 times at least. They even went down early! Yes... I am a happy woman.

Your nose is no longer like a pickle, bumpy and long... it has been replaced with "Per Te" by Josh Groban. It is in Italian... but with a voice like that... who needs words? For those who do... here is some of the translation:

For you I will live, the love will win
With you I will have one thousand days of happiness,
one thousand nights of serenity
I will do what you ask
I will go where you go
I will give all the love I feel for you

... last edit I promise...

David showed me that I have a picture of me on the computer... didn't know that. So, the singing viking lady is gone.

Bout to watch Ashlee Simpson on SNL

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