Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sat on my rear

Elementary Picnic... never thought Isaac would be so enthralled by a Radio Disney DJ. My little Ikey, along with several other under 9ers... part of the first on-campus dance at AB.

Abigail took off with a friend and did everything w/o us. Noah chatted away on the bleachers with a pal. I sat on my rear and had 2 bar b que sandwiches. Some of y'all have no idea how nice that is. After so many years of always having a child to chase, it is really nice to sit back and just watch them play... of course, that would explain that 5 lbs gained over the summer... but I DID go to volleyball and get a little exercise :) Every one of my 20 or so serves was good, I was happy about that :)

Decided to use the "To Play or Replay" script for the Madrigal Dinner. So all y'all who have done that before, come see it :)

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