Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sunday, 02 October 2005
We often add the kids' last name when we are ultra impressed with them, not just when they are in trouble... Noah, who had been asking us to unbunk his bed for months, went in his room to find unbunked beds and said, "Mommy Sanders, you did gooooooooooooooood!!!!" He also prayed today at lunch and said "Lord please help us to persevere in everything we do"-- then stops and asks everyone at the table--"do you know what persevere means? Its a big word that means 'keep on keeping on'" -- then goes back to praying--" and help us to have a good day, amen." LOL he said he heard it on Veggietales... I was still impressed that he knew how to use it in prayer :)

Isaac has a hicky on his mouth. He must have put a cup over his mouth and sucked all the air out while in the nursery today. I was trying to wipe the purple off and realized it wasn't going to come off. It keeps getting darker.

And lets see.... Abigail... I'll come back and edit b/c I'm sure she'll do something today worth writing down.

Youth choir today... 4:45 :)

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