Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I completely forgot about copying old posts from my xanga to here... I can't even keep up with THAT!
Wow, I've let 2 whole days go by w/o updating. :)

Thursday night we went to Toxic Audio... it was really interesting. Hysterical. I had to buy a CD just for the full version of this song.

Found out why the sound system didn't work last week for the Nat'l Anthem. The channel we were plugged into quit working sometime after the sound check. We had to plug into the announcer's channel, so he had to unplug himself, plug us in, then plug himself in again to speak. We are so high tech. Now they know it was not due to the mike not being on. Duh... really... no one is that stupid. Especially when the switch is right by your finger and you can feel to see if it is on. David said it sounded good though... and he is typically brutally honest, so I believe him. It's hard for me to judge down on the field... I can't hear well. Guys played well... didn't win, but they put up a good fight :) If only there were more time on the clock right before halftime... I'm sure they would have won.

Isaac just left the kitchen, sneaking up the stairs. I thought he was sneaking some french toast up there and I told him he need not sneak, he can have it. So he comes back down with something shoved down his pants. Not french toast... a bag of chocolate chips.

Today is cleaning day. My arms hurt from waxing my tub.

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