Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Eagles!

Noah and Isaac have been playing LifeChamps flag football. David is the coach. Noah is the quarterback. Makes Sundays a lot of fun and let me tell you... I LOVE watching them play. Knowing how the game is played, but not really enjoying it... pays off watching them. Noah does a great job as QB too. He is so calm and throws extremely well. Of course, without receivers that ability doesn't do any good... and they have a team full of great players. Today's game was a little more intense. They have won most of their games, but lost to the team we were playing today. If we won, then their next game would be Nov 4. If we lost... it'd be Nov 2. That's a wee bit of an important date in this household! They had to win. The weather was bad, but it wasn't raining... it was just mushy. Noah was throwing great. They lost the last time b/c defense had trouble finding the ball and getting the flags. They had a lot of trick plays. Didn't have the trouble this time. It was almost halftime and the score was 13-12 Eagles (though I thought it was 13 all). David was screaming "GET ON THE BALL" after each play b/c he wanted to score before the half and had seconds. Heard one guy say "it'll be ok coach." ha! I was anxiously watching too and the HS coach (friend of David's, there watching) came over and said something like "it's just little league." Don't remember exactly what he said... but I explained to him and anyone I could that it wasn't just winning... it was not wanting a game election night. Tim Griffin was even there (he's running for US Congress, 2nd district). Kinda funny. Last week Mark Darr was there (he's running for Lieut-Gov).
Noah threw the ball, Robert caught it and got in for a TD, but the ref called it down half a yard before the goal line. So David is screaming and they go at it again... Noah is amazing. He remains so calm. He found his man, threw it and perfect... in the end zone. Half time. Lightning starts... they call it due to weather. SO YEY No game election night. That would have been horrid.
We're having a VICTORY party here that night. We should probably be here. I can't imagine being at a game when so much is going on that night! It will be a fun night though. CAN'T WAIT!!
AND THEN that Thursday... I'm taking students to see Wicked! That will be soooo fun. It's a matinee. I'll be at their game :)

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