Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So grateful that I no longer experience the frustrations with my choirs that I did then. Glad senior members have usually been in choir for several years and have those basic behaviors down.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Lets see... Monday choir sang at Beta Club/NHS induction and for the most part it went really well. But since I did not see my choir since the Wednesday before, I didn't get to prepare them for their first performance in the same manner as usual... I didn't have time to say "if the person behind you messes up, keep the same expression on your face and no one will notice... do NOT turn around and look at them." Yes, I usually do say that... and Monday night was the perfect example as to WHY.

Tuesday I got a stomach bug... was sick ALL day... just felt horrible. You'd think after sleeping all day long and then all night I'd feel rested, but I'm still tired. I think its from not eating.

And tonight was my first night to not be in choir rehearsal. I went to Student Matrix and thoroughly enjoyed it. I gotta ask Chris about something he said b/c I was a little confuzzed by it... but enjoyed it all nonetheless :) I love listening to him teach. I wish I could hear him more.

This weekend is OBU homecoming :) I'm soooo excited. All the kiddos are going to Tiger Tunes with us Friday at 5 (go Tri Chi and Kappa Chi) and we'll be at the game the next day.

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