Saturday, November 28, 2009

On the way home

I've posted pictures of Levi with a paci before, but we still haven't had much luck getting him to KEEP it in. I would have to hold it when he'd take it (which wasn't often). He's had it in this time for quite a while. If he'd start taking one regularly, it would end his crying spells. He cries, wants to suck- but doesn't want to eat. If I nurse him he gets mad bc he doesn't want to eat and then he spits up. I've had two kids who wouldn't take a paci, one who took one for about 9 months (bc I ttok it away- wasn't about to let my baby become dependent on it and couldn't stand what it looked like to have a child walk around with one), and one who took one for 2.5 years... And I preferred the taking it for 2.5 yrs. I only let him have it at bedtime or if we were out and about and he was tired (which equals a tantrum). I could give him the paci and get done what I needed (I also had a 3 year old and a 1 year old at this time). It was wonderful! So, yes- I'd very much like for him to REALLY take one- and keep on taking it!
(And hurray- he's STILL sucking away on it after I typed all that with my thumbnails :)
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Packing Up!

Getting ready to head back home. I didn't have a place to put Levi when I was stripping the bed. Then thought he looked cute.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"I ahn hold it" #3

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"I ahn hold it" #2

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"I ahn hold it"

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Monday, November 23, 2009

I propped L up after feeding him. He was happily sitting there for the longest time... and then...

he was O-U-T.

Let's see... what have I been up to since Thursday? I'm not real sure, but I know I've been busy. Yesterday we had the thanksgiving church meal after the morning service. We usually do it on a Tuesday night. At first I thought I liked it that way... but then I remembered how much I enjoyed going to that Tuesday night service when I came home from college. It was always when I got to see people I hadn't seen in a while. We also had the Lord's Supper at that time. I got to take a picture of Isaac participating in his first Lord's Supper since it was in the gym :) I wouldn't have brought out the camera in the sanctuary during a church service (not sure why though, it is a memorable occasion... wouldn't think twice about snapping a pic while they were singing with the children's choir... but I'd feel silly snapping one during the Lord's Supper... I suppose b/c it is supposed to be reverent and well, it wasn't so reverent in the gym...). Will have to post it later as the computer I'm on doesn't have a card slot and upload time is very slow with the cord...

The kids are out of school all week. We went to church so I could work out this morning. I might go tomorrow too and just have Abigail go in the playroom with E. There was nursery for him this morning. Then we went to the Chick Fil A in Bryant to use the free kids' meals coupons we got at Geyer Spring Fest. Came home... and went through the big drawer I keep L's clothes in. Found some stuff I put on the wrong side (where I thought I only had bigger stuff) that he's already outgrown. Oops. I took out all the newborn and 0-3 months sized outfits. Fattie has outgrown them.

We typically invite everyone and anyone to our house and my mom comes down and does most of the cooking. This year, it ended up only being my parents who were going to come, so we're going up there instead. I thought we might leave Tuesday so we could go to the thanksgiving service at the church I grew up at... but then remembered they too did it on Sunday. So we'll go on Wednesday with the return day in limbo depending on how well the little boys sleep. I'll be glad to have a change of scenery for a few days. And I'd REALLY like to sneak out after the kids go to bed and see The Blind Side. Yeah, you thought I was going to say New Moon, didn't ya? And I'd like to see that too... but I think The Blind Side comes first. It looks like my kind of movie. And as much as I loved the books, I have a hard time seeing Taylor Lautner as anything other than Shark Boy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Friday, November 20, 2009

You'll have to imagine the sweet snoring that goes with it.
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*NOW* It's Done

I thought it needed some color on the band and I've decided against monogramming.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today started out well, but it is ending as usual... totally chaotic. I'm in a quiet bonus room with Levi trying to get him to settle down. I think he absorbs the kids energy when they get home b/c when it is just Elijah and I with him... he's fine. Or it is just what he does in the evening. But BOY the past week has been rough at night.
I got some laundry done this morning then loaded up E and L to go to guitar center. I've been meaning to get Isaac a guitar so he can start lessons. I was going to get him the cheapest I could find (and it was CHEAP at $30) but decided to get one a little better. Figured I'd want one that sounded good. And maybe I'll mess around with it too. It's smaller... and that was what always held me back when I'd attempt to learn some chords on a full sized one. Elijah was actually good in the store. I didn't know how he'd behave surrounded by all that temptation. But he'd just strum the guitars gently... and stay by me.
Came home, ate lunch, put E to bed... and I sewed. As much as I could while also taking care of Levi. I got it done though and I like it. It needs monogramming though. I think I'd use it as a purse too so I don't think I'll put "Levi" on it. Maybe just an "S."
Then the kids got home and boy, it got crazy. I was trying to fix dinner too. Thankfully it was just chili dogs. David had a meeting so he's not even home yet.

Getting There!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good night!

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I had someone ask me about the diaper bag in person today so I thought I'd post a picture of it...

This is the bag (C in the picture above) that I am working on. I'm using decorator fabric instead of quilted fabric. The ring fabric is the main part of the bag and the handles, the toille is the band and the inside lining. The striped fabric is the yoke of the pocket and the bottom (can't see in photo above) and the piping is red.

I haven't gotten real far... it's all cut out, and several things are pinned, but no sewing has taken place. If I could just have a solid hour I think I could get it done... but that is not happening lately.
Levi has gone from sleeping all the time to... well... not. And he isn't all together thrilled when he's awake. Evenings are particularly difficult. But I'm hoping it is a phase. He sleeps well thru the night though. He wakes to eat a couple times but goes right back out. Elijah woke hourly for a while... so did Isaac. Levi usually goes at least 3 hours, sometimes 4 in the night. I'm grateful. He sleeps a lot in the morning too. Right now Abigail is holding him and he is content. Maybe he's sick of me. HA!
This morning I worked out again and this time he did fall asleep on the way there and he stayed sleeping in his carrier while I worked out. E and I ate at church too. He is such a sweet little boy. Funny too. He loves Levi (or "eye-vye" as he calls him). He's adjusted so well. I thought he would have trouble not having me all to himself, but nope. Only bad thing is I don't get constantly kissed by him like I used to b/c much of his affection has moved to Levi :) Though he still has plenty left for me.
Was home for a couple of hours... with Levi in my lap. He wasn't happy anywhere else so I got nothing done. Then back to church for praise team practice/Bible Study/Retro Kids. Been home for about 30 min or so. So, it's been busy, but it's gone well... and I'm happy to be amongst adults :)
YESTERDAY my most awesome mom drove down from Fort Smith to watch Elijah while I took Levi to the doctor and both of them during honor choir. That was a HUGE help. Not only that, she stopped at the store and had a fabulous dinner waiting on us when we got home from choir. She was going to drive back home after that (2.5 hrs) but she ended up staying. We were glad. She left first thing this morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's not a hernia praise the Lord! I don't remember the technical name for it, but it is a weakness between the muscles. He said his is pretty defined and something we'll watch. I guess it could become a hernia but he said it isn't now and that we wouldn't do anything even if it was. Not at this age. He did say when in little ones they go away sometimes as the abs develop.
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Adorable, right?

He was fast asleep AFTER I got up this morning, but the two hours prior to that- not so much.
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Saturday- Abigail and I went to Fantasic Sam's for a haircut. We have a good friend who will come to our house and cut it, but I got restless. Also had Abigail's brows waxed (yes, at Fantastic Sam's... who knew?) I was getting mine trimmed when they did it and I couldn't see her. I heard her say "whoa." But that's it. Then the stylist said "are you ready for the 2nd one?" And she said she was without hesitation.
My parents and David's dad watched the first part of the game at our house that night but all had to get back home and couldn't stay for the 2nd half.

Sunday- back at church. YEY. It was soooo good to be back. He wasn't happy when we got up and everyone was getting ready b/c he thought he was staying home again. He was so excited when I told him we were going too. Only problem was trying to get Levi to go to sleep in his carrier so I could sing w/ the praise team and not worry about him. He was cooperating, but people kept wanting to see him. When he's out, lifting up the cover won't disturb him... but when he's not out yet, it does. I didn't offer to lift it, but would when people would directly ask me to. Did manage to get him asleep though. He woke up a little later in the service so we left. I was glad to get out at that pointb/c it was soooo hot in the sanctuary. I don't do hot well. That night our friend came to cut David's hair. I should have waited.

Yesterday- I went to church to work out. They have nursery on Mondays and Fridays. Elijah got to play again. He was thrilled. I had hoped Levi would fall asleep on the way there so he could just stay in his carrier... but he had other ideas. I had to walk with him in his sling. Borrowed a little umbrella stroller after he fell asleep and leaned him back on a slanted work bench while I did the weight machines.
Got some sewing done too. My skinny-mini daughter is hard to fit. I bought her some size 10 pants with an adjustable waist, but as much as she had to adjust them, it made the pants look like a very long skort! I took two inches out of the inseam all the way up to the crotch and also took 2 inches out of the waist band. I also let out all of the available hem so HOPEFULLY they will last thru next year. We'll see.
And got a little bit done on the diaper bag that I've yet to finish. It's not a quick and simple bag. Probaby shouldn't have gotten a pattern that is so involved. But it will be cute when it is finished :)

Today- Prayers. I think Levi may have a hernia. We're going to the doctor at 1. It's not a big deal if he does have one, everything I've read says it is easily fixed with a simple surgery. But it would still mean surgery if it is what I think it is :( Then straight to honor choir after that.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Abigail holding Levi while I showered

So sweet!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

From Dessert to Blowout

I'm sitting here thinking Levi will wake up at any moment and I don't want to have just fallen asleep. He's been out since 8:30. I was meeting some girls for a late dinner at 9. They all went to Holiday House beforehand, but I thought I'd skip that since I'm more of an eater than a shopper. I grilled burgers for dinner at home, so I ended up just getting dessert. I really just went for the fellowship.

Levi has had a rough day. He has a cold. I think that is causing him to want to nurse more... then that and the drainage is causing him to spit up... a lot. And maybe giving him a tummy ache? I don't know. But he was awake from about 4pm til 8:30. That is a very long time for him to be awake. I strolled, I slung, I nursed, he swung. I did everything. He was awake and not altogether happy about it. Not really crying, just not happy. I gave him a bath at 8, got him all dressed to go to the restaurant and then thought I'd just get in the car so he'd go to sleep, but he was out as soon as I buckled him in. He stayed out at the restaurant and is still out. Guess this would have been a good night for me to go to bed early! But oh well. I haven't seen much of humanity in the past 6 weeks so the night out was great fun (even though the dessert was not).

Yesterday I picked up Abigail from school and then headed to the store... thinking I'd just get what I could while Levi and Elijah were happy (Elijah being the expected problem of the two). But he was GREAT the entire time (and I mean the entire 2 hour time). I had a lot of coupons, which always makes it take longer. I had Levi in his sling and Elijah in the kiddie cart with the attached car. Design flaw: he could easily reach things on shelves. He pulled lots of random items in to ride with him, but other than that... he was a peach. Only problem was at the end (of course) Levi woke up and wanted to eat. I passed him off to Abigail b/c often they will follow the "out of sight, out of mind" theory and hold off a bit longer if not near me. And it was working... for a little while. Then I took him back... within a few minutes I started to smell something... but I didn't hear him go, so I didn't think he did. You usually fully know by sound alone :) But then I really smelled it, so I lifted him up to take a whiff... and oh boy. I was covered. I had him in a disposable for the trip b/c they hold more wetness... but they do not hold in the poo better. I was really covered. I wrapped us up with the sling and just wanted out of there, but of course the line was still long and I had a ton of groceries on top of that... Finally got to the car with the help of the sacker (it took two carts to get it to my car though I had fit it all in the one kiddie buggy) and have never been so glad to find Noah had left a school shirt in the car that I could change into... cuz I still had to feed L. E stayed happy thank goodness and we finally got home.
I do not experience many blowouts with L since he is normally in cloth... but OH MY, that one was the worst EVER.

And wouldn't ya know? Levi is still asleep.


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1 month old

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

E still plays in his drawer

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Pursuit of Happyness

I discovered the sling with Isaac. I HAD to. I had a newborn who wanted to be held non-stop, a toddler, and a not yet 3 year old. I needed something that was easy to put on and put the baby in and was comfortable. There was nothing you could buy that fit the bill. I made a sling (similar to the peanut slings you can now buy) and we both loved it. Elijah loved it. So it came as no surprise that Levi loves it too.
The other day E made a mess. I put a crying L in his swing (he was tired) to vacuum up the mess. L calmed immediately. Turned off the vacuum and he started up again. Turned it on- he stopped. Left it on and he went to sleep. Tried it again yesterday and it worked. E doesn't like it bc it is so loud.
So, there's two things at my disposal that are thus far fool-proof.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 weeks old today

Levi cooperated again today. I am so relieved! I was able to feed him right before I needed to leave and he slept thru honor choir. I woke him up afterwards so I could weigh him. There is a Dr. scale in the weight room at church. I weighed myself (pppbbbbbth... been avoiding that) then stripped him down, held him, and weighed again. Drumroll please... ... ... ... ... 13 lbs. I knew he was big. His thighs have chunked up, he's got quite the double chin, and he fills up the infant tub we have. That puts him above the 97th percentile (10 lbs is average).
We went to Black Angus for dinner... and the whole fam ate for $16! Two kids meals (comes with a drink) can be purchased for $.99 with each purchase of a regular combo. I got a cheeseburger combo, David got a double cheeseburger combo. The ONLY time we've ever all gone somewhere to eat for less than that is when the kids shared an appetizer at McAlister's for their meal and we all drank water. We need to go to Black Angus more often :) They have more options than burgers, but when I'm not familiar with a menu, I default to a cheeseburger or it takes me too long to order. I think it will definitely become a Tuesday tradition since fixing dinner is difficult after honor choir.
This little boy has been doing this...
Not all the time, but a few times a day. I had to buy a different potty. The one I had didn't have a big enough "deflector", but bought it b/c it was attached.. built in to the seat. I hate the ones that are detachable. They just get in the way. This frog potty is perfect.

Here's Levi in his sling.
And Elijah painting (aka: making a mess)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to Life...

Back to Reality...
SOON. Today marks one week since the kids got their vaccines... I've read it takes 7-14 for it to be effective. SO next week, we'll be back in action. I can go to church again- YEY. I'll start going to the exercise class and E can play in the church nursery. He'll love that. MOST importantly, we will have managed to avoid the swine flu while I was pregnant and kept it out of the house with a newborn. It has been a huge pain to keep E away from all forms of group care. I have never missed this much church in my life! I'm not even one to overly worry. I usually have the attitude of "that happens to other people..." But not this time.
Didn't do much today. Just the usual watching of Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney, and Zoboomafoo. Made some hooded towels and some brownies... played outside. Elijah said he saw a snake, but Abigail said he was talking about a bungie cord that was in the grass. I hope she is right! Though he was sitting in a chair wimpering when he told me about it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today was another day at home. Didn't do much. Been really tired after only getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep. I spent more than that on my hair yesterday, but it is finally fixed. A few months after E was born, I thought I'd try to go lighter. It didn't work. My roots turned red and everything else light brown. Since then, I have attempted to fix it and failed miserably. My roots have stayed lighter than the ends no matter what I did. I highlighted it (myself, fun) right before I had L. It worked, but I needed more. I didn't want that all over solid one color obvious dye job look, but didn't want obvious highlights either. So, I did more highlights yesterday morning. Then I put "color oops" on it to remove all the dye that had built up... then put an all over brown on it... but again, my roots turned red. I don't know why that happens. I had some semi-permanant color on hand in a medium to dark brown, so I put that on my roots and brushed it thru to make it blend. Didn't know if that would work, but it did. FINALLY. Albeit in a temporary color, at least it is fixed and I know what to do. My roots are finally FINALLY a bit darker than the ends and you can barely see the highlights. Enough to not give me that solid color look. I'm happy with it. But man it took forever. I finished at midnight. I couldn't believe it. I of course had to do it when L was sleeping so I didn't just start and keep working at it til it was done.
Fell asleep on the couch while E and L were sleeping, but I'm still tired. I'd like to go to bed now but E napped for about 3 hours... and is still up. I'm praying he doesn't wake up croupy. He woke up this morning with a cough and also after his nap. After he's been up for a while, he doesn't appear sick at all... but that's what he does. It is only when he is horizontal. I have his crib slanted and the humidifier ready and am hoping we aren't on the road to another ER trip. It really stinks that there is NOTHING you can do for croup. It is a bit cooler so the night air might help if he has an attack, but I don't know if it is cold enough to really do the trick if it happens. I'm doing all I can though and we shall see! He has no fever and feels fine... full of energy. So, I'm not worried its flu.
This should be the last week we are stuck at home. The flu shot should start working end of the week and we can go to church again and also go during the day so he can play. Confusing thing though... I've read it takes 7-14 days for the shot to be effective... but then it is no longer effective at 21 days in little kids... they need a booster. So, what? It works for a week until you get the booster? He won't get that until Dec 8. I doubt I'm able to find it anywhere else any sooner. No one has had it except thru the schools.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

GREAT day!

And it started last night :). Abigail and Elijah spent the night with Ron and Kathy. They really only wanted Abigail but after David talked to them, they ended up taking E too. And I am SO glad! I of course adore him and love being with him- but he's never spent the night elsewhere w/o me except for the one night he stayed there while I was in the hospital and the one night the day after Levi and I came home. Those were needed- but I didn't really do anything. Last night we went to Gordman's and Babies R Us then to Kohl's. It is sooo much more enjoyable w/o him crawling out of the cart and wanting me to carry him (kinda hard w/ Levi in a sling). Then at home- much more relaxing just telling the boys to take a bath and go to bed.
This morning we went to Krispee Kreme then to Target. I was able to really hunt the sales racks and I hit the jackpot. I found 4 shirts and a dress that are nursing friendly AND hide my baby gut for $20!!!! It was all 75% off. Came home- I highlighted my hair while Levi slept. That was a big ol gamble since David wasn't here. Had he woken up I'd have been in serious trouble. But he didn't.
Then L and I went to walgreens and home depot. I got some pebbles to put in what is supposed to be a sandbox under the swingset- but sand is messy. He fell asleep in the car. I came home and helped with yardwork til he woke up. Then A and E came home.
The yard is neat and fixed up for E (who LOVES to go outside), I found stuff at a fabulous price... I got pumpkin spice donuts... finally fixed my in much need hair... OH and I got caffeinated coffee this morning. First I've had since having Levi. And he has slept a ton today.
And THAT is what I call a great day :)
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Evening Stroll

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Friday, November 6, 2009


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Cow diaper

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So sweet

Levi has been making up for how compiant he's been all day. I was hungry so abigail took him and patted him to sleep while I got food.
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Y'all were praying!

Today could not have gone better. It *could* have been bad. Levi could have gotten hungry when I was busy- but he didn't. He slept thru honor choir. I had a bottle pumped for him but he didn't need it. I had abigail give it to him on our way home from getting flu shots so it wouldn't go to waste. (Yes- had a hard time deciding but did get A,N,I, and E H1N1 and seasonal shots).

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So far so good...

Don't their new dresses and ties look pretty in front of the flag??

Levi ate at 6am and stayed asleep all morning. I was able to fully get ready. We loaded up all the kids and dropped the older three off at school before heading to Conway. Levi woke up hungry on the way to Conway but went back to sleep pretty quickly. I was able to feed him at 8:40 so he stayed happy while I was with my choirs. PTL! I figured I'd have to feed him before heading back but he stayed asleep. I just now woke him up b/c I need him to eat now so he can eat again before honor choir. He was awake a lot yesterday... I hope he continues this sleepy behavior the rest of the day. It'd be REALLY nice if he'd just sleep in his carseat the whole time. Otherwise I'll have to send Abigail out with him during choir... and I need her singing!

Busy Day ahead

Today would be just another day if I weren't trying to accomplish it with Levi in tow. I would appreciate prayers today. I'm taking my choir to AETN in Conway to record a song for a special that will air in the spring. It's called "Celebrate America." I got the invitation back in May and new it would be difficult but also knew it was too great an opportunity to pass up. So, Levi, David, Elijah, and I will be going to Conway this morning. Elijah was supposed to spend the night with Ron and Kathy but Kathy's mom fell and broke her wrist so he had to come home. David doesn't think it is a big deal to take Elijah too but I'm worried about him dealing with Elijah and Levi while I'm with my choir. It is possible that Levi will be quite fussy wanting me. I'll have a bottle pumped for him, but sometimes he just wants me. I pray he'll be asleep.
That would be enough for one day, but I have honor choir this afternoon. I'll take Elijah to David in his office and will have Levi with me. I need him to let me teach. I can do that with him in his sling... that's what I did yesterday for the joint rehearsal I had at school... but I need him to be content. It'd be nice if he'd sleep thru both things... but I have no idea. He sleeps all the time, but it isn't predictable. He'll also have wake times that last about 3 hours.

Monday, November 2, 2009

In his sling

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