Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Y'all were praying!

Today could not have gone better. It *could* have been bad. Levi could have gotten hungry when I was busy- but he didn't. He slept thru honor choir. I had a bottle pumped for him but he didn't need it. I had abigail give it to him on our way home from getting flu shots so it wouldn't go to waste. (Yes- had a hard time deciding but did get A,N,I, and E H1N1 and seasonal shots).

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Jill said...

I love this picture...so cute!

jensoup said...

you made a good choice. I talked to numerous nurse and doctor friends and family that would be totally honest-ALL advised to get it...many gave megreat sorses of info on it. I was going to have the kids all get it....and then we got H1N1 for real-errr! You DO NOT want your kids to get it-it lasts forever ,they feel terrible-T lost 4# so now he weights 34 #-I'm so not happy. Anyway he still has to get the vaccine-they are advising he get it yet(I called to be sure) so he gets it tomorrow,but the older kids have to wait till Dec or when ever that stupid shipment comes.